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Hi Ladies....Extremely excited to learn & talk with you all! So many questions of Where to start....What is best way to start booking a wedding at Moon Palace

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Hi ladies :)!  just wanted to say HELLO and congrats to everyone! What an exciting time of our lives. I am on here for my first time.  I  just made my first big decision in almost  ONE YEAR of being engaged after months and hours of taking ever route possible to plan a wedding that we thought would be local. A month ago we decided to entertain idea of destination  wedding and been looking at options all over the map from Carribean -ST. John, St. Lucia ect. to Costa Rica to Mexico.....EXHAUSTING!


 My fiance are so excited to say we have made the first decision to do an  All Inclusive destination wedding!  We need to narrow down the stress with our schedules not alloting for much planning time and the month we want to do this creeping in February 2012! We have been doing research on resorts and All inclusives for weeks (feels like months) :) by recommendation of a friend of the family told us about her experience at the Moon Palace Cancun. We thought we were 99% sure we were going to get married at the Secrets Resort Maroma Beach it is beautiful, however  last night after adding up all expenses and lack of things that came with wedding packages there we looked into the Moon Palace Cancun.  We love their packages and prices much better knowing we will have more than 10 guests.   Our plans are to get married at MP in February .....leaving us not so much time to pull this all together and send out invites, save the dates ect!


 I was hoping some of you nice brides/ couples could offer us the best advice on how you nailed down reserving a date and package at Moon Palace for you wedding day and party.  Did you go through the resort directly or a travel agent?  If you had a travel agent were they able to offer you better deals and packages than resort?  Any input on a travel agent to use there are soo many! Anyone doing the sunset wedding package with catamaran?


 Would love feedback if any one can share info on good travel agent and / or best resort person to contact and how we should get started. We would love to offer information to anyone as well on any details we have looked into thus far!  Love to hear your feedback and thank you in advance!!!

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Congratulations and welcome to the forum:) I did not get married at the Moon Palace, but when I was booking everything for my wedding in Cancun I contacted a travel agent and found it to be cheaper to book directly through the resort instead of using the agencies. I'm sure there are tons of brides who can give you a better idea on what the resort offers. Best of Luck!!!

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Welcome, I am not getting married at Moon Palace.  For my wedding we chose to contact the resort directly for the wedding planning details, such as confirming a date and time and all the other wedding related details.  However, for our travel we chose to work with a Travel agent as it ended up being less headaches.  Here in Canada, to all inclusive destinations you get package deals, where everything (travel, flights, airport transfers, hotel rooms) are all included in one price.  It was just easier to go through a travel agent to deal with all that.  Good luck with your planning!!

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