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  1. I used DJ Bijan for my wedding at the Marriott Casa Magna June 25th for the reception. Overall Rating: ----F---- I corresponded with DJ Bijan through email for my upcoming wedding, he like a list of your favorite songs and then he likes to fill in the rest. We gave him a list that included our first dance, and some must plays during dinner and during dancing. I also included the absolute "Please do not Play". Our First dance was Frankie Valli " Can't take my eyes off you" which is a very special song to us. As the music started up we quickly realized that it was some modern remake of the song and wasn't even the original singer, which immediately upset me but I set my emotion aside and tried to enjoy my wedding. As soon as we finished our first dance, he for some reason announced that we were going to cut the cake over the mike ( We had not even eaten dinner???) I looked across the way completely confused and starting to get pissed off, but I was still trying to go with the flow and not let it ruin my wedding. Finally we set down to dinner and started to realize he was playing our dancing songs while we were all sitting eating, It took be about 5 minutes to realize he was playing the list we gave him in order from top to bottom, not paying attention to what was dinner and dancing music. The whole time he just sat there like a zombie letting the whole playlist go not paying attention. You could tell everyone of our guests were confused when all the fun dancing songs were being played while we were eating?? I sent over my step dad to ask DJ Bijan what was going on? He apologized and said he was sorry and would try to fix it, Finally I'm starting to loose my temper when after my step dad spoke to him, he played 2 songs back to back that were on my "Absolutely Please Don't Play" List. This was the final straw, I felt like I should have just brought my ipod, at least then I would have been able to dance to the right songs. The music was so bad, we ended the reception 1 hour early and told DJ Bijan we didn't need him anymore for the night. It was devastating, I wanted to be able to enjoy the reception and have some fun at my wedding instead we ended it, only got to dance to maybe 3 songs including our first dance and sat with our guests the rest of the night by the pool. I would caution future brides when booking DJ Bijan, his prices were good but I would have rather payed more money and have been able to enjoy my reception
  2. I used Planner 1 Events for my wedding earlier this year and thought they were great!!!! You can check out my review in the vendor section
  3. Congratulations and Welcome I love the idea of a cenote wedding it sounds so unique. I'm sure you will find lots of helpful info on this forum, everyone here is awesome
  4. Congratulations and welcome to the forum!
  5. Congratulations and welcome to the forum. I got married 6-25-11 at the Marriott Casa Magna and loved it!! It was the perfect resort for us, we had 30 people everyone one from 85 year old grandma to a 6 month old baby and they all loved the resort and everyone was super accommodating to all of our guests. If you have any questions or want pics feel free to PM me. Best of Luck!!!
  6. Congratulations and welcome to the forum:) I did not get married at the Moon Palace, but when I was booking everything for my wedding in Cancun I contacted a travel agent and found it to be cheaper to book directly through the resort instead of using the agencies. I'm sure there are tons of brides who can give you a better idea on what the resort offers. Best of Luck!!!
  7. Congratulations and welcome to the forum, I hope you find the perfect resort for you and your family. There are so many wonderful places around the entire area, I'm sure you will find one
  8. Congrats and welcome to the forum:) You will love this site, I recently got married on 6-25-11 at the Casa Magna Marriott in Cancun and it was perfect. They had amazing prices and when you have a larger group you feel like you have the whole resort to yourself. I have tons of info if you want, you can PM me
  9. Congratulations and welcome to the forum!!!
  10. Congrats and welcome to the forum This place was an absolute life saver with planning my wedding, everyone here is great and have the best ideas to bounce off !!!!
  11. My wedding is over but I thought I would post some pictures of my dress for the big day. It was made by ella bridal. I absolutely loved it!!!
  12. Hey I was just at office depot today and by the checkout they have a bunch of the mini spanish phrases books for $0.99 Hope this helps
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