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RIU Negril Free Package - Hidden Fees

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#1 weddingaway

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    Posted 03 September 2011 - 01:44 PM

    I want a pretty simple wedding so I am starting with the Free Package and then just upgrading a few things (like flowers, of course!).  And I understand that even though it is "free" we still have to pay $350 for the officiant, marriage certificate, etc. 


    However, I recently got an email from Dionne saying that we have to pay $10.50 per person for every person over the free package guest maximum which is only 10 people.  So we are being penalized for bringing the RIU Negril more business?!  All of my guests are staying at the RIU Negril, so how are they losing out?  They say the charge is for cake, champagne and ceremony set-up...this is where it gets a little shady.


    Within the same document (which is riddled with misspellings and grammar errors BTW), they state prices for larger cakes ($80, $130 and $250) so if we don't want to upgrade we still get charged to have more cake?  Seems like they are trying to slip in these extra charges.


    As for the champagne, most people in my group won't be having Champagne as some are children, some don't drink at all, and some just don't like it, and, again, within the same document they specify that additional champagne is $25 per bottle so even if I don't request additional Champagne, that they will charge me for it through the $10.50 fee.


    Finally with the ceremony set-up, the free package clearly states that "Decoration Setup for Ceremony Location" is included, so why are they now trying to charge me for the set-up?  If it is for the chairs (which the very idea is laughable) then they need to factor out the number of people that will be standing as the wedding party.  But still, how does a free wedding package not include chairs for the ceremony?  It seems hard to believe but I can't think of any charge pertaining to guest count for the ceremony set-up.


    This whole thing has me seriously considering breaking our group contract to take our wedding vacation somewhere else that isn't trying to sneak more money from us.


    The poor quality of the document makes me wonder if this isn't sanctioned by the RIU home office in Mexico and if the RIU Negril is just trying to sneak extra money.

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    #2 ec121212

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      Posted 27 February 2012 - 10:37 AM

      congrats on your recent ceremony!  - thanks for posting this. we have also arranged for the "free" ceremony this coming December (2012) and would love to hear any tips you may have. Did you choose the semi-private dinner option? Were you able to still do speeches?



      #3 MrsHamblett2012

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        Posted 29 February 2012 - 01:39 PM

        I am getting married at the RIU Montego Bay in May and they also have told me about the 10.50 for every person over 10. I think its standard for all of the RIU's but In agree that we dont need a bigger cake and if we wanted one then we would pay for it to be bigger. Also its an all inclusive so why are we paying for champagne?  Also she did tell us that if we wanted to bring our own decortaions for the ceremony that we would either have to set them up ourselves or pay them to do it. So thats not even included in the extra $10.50 per person.  We only have 20 guests so its not a big deal, but for people with more guests it would be!

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