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V's DIY Madness - Wedding Flip Flops, Thank You Parasol, Carb Box, In Loving Memory Frame...(pic heavy)

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Hi Ladies,


It's been a while since I posted on here but since I have a bit of extra time today I decided to share with you some of the DIY projects I have completed to date....



All of these were wuicka nd fun to make plus since I am NEVER doing this again (the wedding), I want to make sure I enjoy every bit of the process and working on DIY projects brings me that joy...



I hope you like these....



Mom's Memory Frame - My Mom dies when I was a baby and I want have a tangible reminder of her on my day .  This memomy frame will be on a empty chair at my ceremony


My Mom's Memory Frame 1.JPGMy Mom's Memory Frame 2.JPGMy Mom's Memory Frame 3.JPGMy Mom's Memory Frame 4.JPG



Thank You Pararol - This took a lot of patience but it was worth it.  I made for under $5.  Printed the letters from word, made a stencil and painted away.


My Thank Your Parasol 2.JPG

My Thank Your Parasol 1.JPG

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Wedding Flip Flops - $30 to make.  I used flip flops from David's Brida ($25) and then a pair of cheap clip on earings.  Took the back off the earrings and hot glued away.  It took all of 5 minutes to do this one


My Flip Flops 1.JPGMy Flip Flops 2.JPGMy Flip Flops 4.JPG

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Card Box - We are not doing a registry because we already live together and dont need anything really.....We will have a card box at the reception instead.


Here is mine.  Done for under $20. Card box 50% off at Michaels and orange ribbon about $16. The brooch came with the earrings i used on the flip flops and I used it on here.


My Card Box 1.JPGMy Card Box 4.JPG

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