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Show Us Your ***TRASH THE DRESS*** dress!

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Those are gorgeous photos!!!! Congrats. What hotel did you stay at that they cleaned it for $60? That's amazing. My dress is really similar to yours with the ruffly, busy bottom. I'm glad it came clean :)

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Here's my fav trash the dress pictures. Our photographer was Juan Navarro. i wore my wedding dress. I got it dry cleaned at the hotel for $60. It looks brand new!!











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That's beautiful! Great find. :)

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I bought a secondhand dress for my TTD for $100. Less than a month and I get to try it out! Yay!!




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Hi Ladies,


As a photographer, brides are always asking what type of dress they should use for their Trash the Dress session. Honestly, it depends on the type of shots you´re looking for. Personally, I love a Trash the Dress session full of running, jumping and rolling in the sand. So in theory a large dress (big train) becomes quite heavy with sand and water and makes it difficult for the bride to move around. Whereas a light dress allows for more movement. However if you do choose a light dress just be careful it doesn´t become see through when wet ;) Anyways here are some TTD photos with different dress styles, hope you enjoy! :)









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Can't wait to see your pictures from Del Sol, they do amazing work!


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I'm still waiting on my TTD/jewelry photo shoot pics from Del Sol but in the meantime, here's a shot of my dress drying on the balcony after my TTD at Le Reve! Much more plus a review to come!




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