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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by angelnjewels Good morning ladies, So I ordered a dress from baby online recently. not my wedding dress but a blue dress fort rehearsal dinner. I requested that they send pictures prior to sending the dress. well they delivered the dress without pictures. I was away for the thanksgiving holiday and now I have to go out of my way and pick it up. it is crazy how they work. I hope the dress looks great but I am upset at the fact that they did not send me pictures as I requested. What is that? I am furious! I am not at all surprised that they did not send you pictures. The same thing happened to me and it seems like a number of other people if you read through the forum. I was prepared for this when I ordered. You could try to get a discount if you have to have work done on it..
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by baezsolano I am hesitant to begin doing any alterations/changes based on all the feedback on this blog. Seems that all issues reported with any vendor were size and alterations. Maybe it's just me but once I start expecting perfection I may just be disappointed. Instead if I get a cookie cutter size I know I have my alteration options at home. Also based on my measurements it is very close to their charts. Am I crazy?? If you are expecting perfection perhaps ordering a dress online is not for you. These are replica dresses and will not be 100% like the original and not 100% perfect. I ordered from Jasmines and did custom measurements. I went in to the process still expecting to have some alterations done because of the way we measured and I would need a bustle added anyway. The dress showed up and fit great! I had the bustle added and just a small gather fixed on one side. All in all it was at least 10x cheaper to order it to my measurements than to have it done after the fact. I would order custom measurements and just like the rest of the process don't expect perfection realize that there may be some differences, alterations, etc but you are saving a TON in the end!
  3. I was not in Jamaica in January but in the first part of March. Almost every and evening it got windy on the beach around the time of your reception and sand was blowing everywhere. Dont get me wrong we were very comfortable temp wise. Someone had a dinner on the beach and it looked like it was going to be miserable. The chairs and everything set up looked great but I am sure sand was everywhere. Towards the later evening the wind typically dies down and we had a bonfire on the beach after our dinner and had a wonderful time. As a side note to the ladies that want crystals on the huppa make sure to have some way to fasten them down. I would say that most early evenings there was a steady breeze and those crystals will be flying and tangling in the breeze
  4. Yes if you pay the initial bonfire cost and for the additional guest they set up a private bar at the pool bar. It works out great!
  5. Yes the bonfire is right next to the beach bar but the beach bar is closed when you would be having the bonfire. I can not remember what time it closes but it is earlier in the evening
  6. I know for vodka the suites has absolute... tequila I can not help you there
  7. Fortunately I did not have this issue but if both of you just want to be together and the wedding planning is causing the issues... ELOPE!!! Just the two of you go get married and become man and wife, cancel the rest and be done! I know its sounds cruel and unfair to everyone else but after all it is about the two of you. I have had family members do this and there are no hard feelings they did what was best for them. Just my 2 cents
  8. Ladies, Here is a link to our Trash The Dress Session- I used a horse... my Hubby is not a huge picture person so it was a bit more of a bridal session if you will. But it was amazing http://www.aaronwatsonphotoblog.com/2012/03/trash-the-dress-photography-in-montego-bay-jamaica/ Hope it works!
  9. Beach Guest are not allowed on the Suites property unless they pay a fee. This is the benefit of paying more and having the upgrades of the Suites. It would not be fair to everyone whom payed more to stay at the Suites if they just allowed everyone from the Beach who payed less over anytime they want. If you want to hang out with all of your guest at one place you will most likely have to all hang out at the Beach unless your guest want to pay the fee for each day, I do not know cost. I know this sucks! As for the wedding day your guest will have to pay the $30 I believe and they will be able to join you at the Suites for all the wedding functions. I would ask the WC to be sure. I know to get to the Grand they had guards standing at the door making sure that you had the wrist band for the Grand and a guard on the beach. They would not let my sister through to help me with the dress.
  10. It took almost 6 mo or better for me to get our marriage license from the resort. I was actually able to get it earlier because I was tired of waiting and went online to the registrar general and submitted a form payed $80 and got 6 copies or our marriage license 10 days after my submission. I did not submit the request till about 3 to 4 mo after our wedding but I am guessing if you did this online sooner you would be able to get your license pretty quick. They give you "a certified copy" at the wedding but there is no raised seal or anything on it so most places will most likely not accept this.
  11. The liquor gets better as you go up in Resorts so at the Beach I do not believe that they have Absolute or Jack Daniels. I know the Suites has Absolute and the Grand has even more name brand selection. This was my experience anyways and something I and a couple of my guest noticed as we stayed at the Suites but occasionally went to the Beach and they did not have the some of the choices we had at the Suites.
  12. I did not purchase a separate dress for my TTD session! After hopping in the pool for a rinse and then getting in the shower for a final rinse I hung it on the balcony to dry and everything was fine!
  13. Show Us Your ***TRASH THE DRESS*** dress!
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