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My Surprise Proposal at Oprah's Surpise Spectacular Final Show!

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  Hey everyone! My fiance and I got engaged on May 17th 2011.  I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Oprah!! I always wanted to go see her show and never had the chance (I live in Canada in the middle of nowhere!).  One day I was on her website and clicked on a link about being a fun enthusiastic fan and wrote a quick blurb and sent in a few pics.  The next day I had an email asking me if I wanted two tickets to see two of her final three shows. Of course I quickly jumped at the offer and immediately called my then boyfriend and my parents telling them the exciting news! I had a hard time choosing who to take but my mom loved Oprah and has done so much for me so I had to take her! My fiance and I have an adorable baby boy together who was 7 months at the time.  We loaded him up and with my parents left a week later to go to Chicago to see Oprah!

  We had to be in Chicago a few days ahead of time to pick up our tickets.  The day I picked up our tickets I was shocked to learn that we had center stage front row! I was soo excited! After we got our tickets we headed to do some shopping on the magnificent mile, we needed some new Oprah outfits! I noticed my boyfriend was acting kinda goofy while we were shopping he seemed super hyper and kept wanting to go on his own and meet up later.

  The day of the show we did a little shopping and had some lunch.  My mom kept saying she had a headache so we went back to the hotel so she could lay down and try to get rid of it.  I started to get ready for the show and she was still lying down.  I kept trying to give her a cool cloth for her head, and water and tylenol, etc. (we're both nurses), but she kept saying "oh I just took something!".  Finally she said I don't think I can go do you think Alex (my then boyfriend) would want to go with you? I was really disappointed, I felt awful that my mom had made the 12 hour drive to go see Oprah and went to all the trouble to get a perfect outfit and now she wasn't going! Alex quickly got ready and we went to the show!

  We were waiting for the show to start, one of the producers was up on stage (it was at the United Center) talking to the audience telling us what to do during the show, and just making jokes, getting everyone excited! All of a sudden she said "Where's Alex?" and all of a sudden my Alex popped up and jumped on stage! I couldn't believe it, the girl beside me was like "is he the Alex she was meaning?!". It was crazy. She started making small talk with him and asked who brought him to the show.  He told her and she invited me on to the stage.  I could hardly make my way to the stage, I was so shaky.  I got up and Alex told me how much he loved me and got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.  I was doing the ugly cry big time! I was so shocked! After I said yes he picked me up and swung me around, the audience was cheering so loudly! (There were 13000 ppl in the audience!) It said "will you marry me Jenna?" all across the screens around the stadium.  It was such a great moment! I wish I could remember more.  It wasn't on the final shows but I'm hoping maybe it would be on the behind the scenes show! Either way it was great! Our pic was on the website too so we have a nice photo of the proposal. 

  Oh and I should mention, Alex didn't know he was going to get to propose until the day before (he found out while we were shopping that's why he started acting so weird). There is a whole big story about how he managed to check his email but I've gone on long enough! He took my dad out for drinks that night and asked for his permission and asked if he thought my mom would want to give up her ticket or not. (Alex had tried really hard to get another ticket for my mom but couldn't). After they got back from drinks Alex asked me to go out for dessert, I was downstairs talking to the concierge and he said he forgot his wallet and went up back to the room and asked my mom.  He told her he had another proposal planned for fall which was almost as good but my mom said absolutely not, tomorrow I'll have a migraine! So both my parents were in on it and everyone fooled me! Anyways it was an amazing trip for us and we'll love sharing our story with our kids some day!


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Aww that sounds absolutely amazing!!! Would love to see the picture!!

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