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  1. Hi girls, I was just wondering if anyone used/heard reviews on the dj through the resort? I'm not sure if I need to talk to them ahead of time about music and I've asked Claudia a few weeks ago and still haven't heard a response. I leave for my wedding in a week! I picked all the ceremony songs just not sure if I need to make a playlist for the reception. Thanks!
  2. If anyone would mind sending me the templates that would be great!!!!!! sydneyls@hotmail.ca Thanks!!
  3. Hi girls! I was really hoping to use the template for the survival kit that had "too much booze too much sun, too much food, too much fun" with the cute stick people! My wedding is in less than 3 weeks! eek! So not enough time to make enough posts to get access to templates. If any one would be willing to email it to me I would REALLY appreciate it!! Thanks!
  4. Hey Jen, How did you hear about Fernando Fuentes? I was planning on using the spa at the resort! Do you have to go somewhere to get your makeup done or do they just come to your room?
  5. Ok great! Thanks guys!! I guess we will just go the day of then! I agree 15pp is stupid!!
  6. Hi girls, I was just wondering if you guys are doing rehearsal dinners? And if so where and do you need reservations? I'm trying to figure out a good spot to go for about 15 people or so! Any input would be great! Thanks!
  7. Hi guys! I take back my msgs! Bridget emailed me back today and has been really quick with responding! I guess she had some stuff come up the last few weeks! She sent me proofs today and I love them! I'll post some pics of the stuff once I get it!
  8. Hey McLecker did you end up getting the stickers of Etsy either? Thanks!
  9. Hey Mlite! I was just wondering, did you end up purchasing stickers from davetdesigns on Etsy?! I have emailed Bridgette several times over the last few weeks and haven't heard anything back! I really would like to get stickers and a digital from her but haven't heard anything! Thanks!!
  10. Thanks for the input girls! Miss Bubbles I can't seem to see the picture! But I have found a good picture and figured how to make it like I want it! I have my invitations made on the computer, now I just have to try printing them!! eek!
  11. Hey girls! I am just trying to make an itinerary for the trip! I want to meet all my guests the first night we arrive at the resort at a lounge or something. Just wondering if you guys have any ideas of what you're going to do? Or where would be a good place since I have never been there! Thanks ladies!
  12. Hi girls! I am trying to make my own passport invitations and I am having trouble finding a good candian passport logo to use! I was wondering if any Canadians have tried to make them?! Thanks!
  13. Thanks Jana! Those look great!! Orchids are my favourite, I'm going to have them for my bouquet. Where did you buy them from?
  14. Ok great thanks girls!! I would like to bring my own but I don't think it's worth it really. I already have a ton of things to bring with all the oot bag stuff, and I am also bring my bouquet. We are only there two days before the wedding so it's not much time to run out and buy stuff. I will probably end up going with one of the resort options. Any info you find out Karen would be great! Thanks!
  15. Are you girls going to bring centerpieces or just get them from Dreams? I can't decide what to do!
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