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  1. Hi Sarah...I didn't see any beach ceremonies while I was there...The gazebo was the popular choice...it was beautiful! Not sure about reception dinner on the beach...it wasn't a choice for us...however we did have a romantic dinner for 2 on the beach...which was awesome:) And I thought the beach was amazing...you just have to walk a bit more to the left...I loved every part of my wedding and am so happy I chose this resort!!
  2. I also highly recommend Merrick:) He was absolutely fantastic! I paid about $2000....that included 6 hours wedding day and TTD the next day..and TTD was so much fun...the best day!! Pics are going to be amazing! Email Merrrick...he is quick to reply and is booking up. Jaykay said it all regarding the hotel photographers...not very good at all.
  3. My flowers were from Plumeria's Wedding Flower Boutique....They were ordered about 8 months in advance...she books up quickly. The flowers are Plumeria's:)
  4. Hi Ladies...Well, I just returned from having the best wedding I could of ever asked for! Everything went perfect...it was so beautiful at the gazebo...Chandlyn and Donnalee are the sweetest and so wonderful. I had my make up and hair done by the spa...I went in with no pictures and they worked their magic! I was so soooo happy with the end result!! We hired the steel drum band and had them play while I walked down...it was so awesome! We had the reception dinner at The Grill..I was able to customize my own menu which was delicious and great! After dinner we all just hung out at the lobby bar then off to the disco..I didn't rent the gazebo and glad I didn't...far away from washrooms and bar..we all had a blast dancing the night away at the disco:) We hired Merrick Cousley for our photographer and he is AMAZING!!!! I can't wait to see the pictures...I highly recommend him!! Free pictures from the resort are just ok..I will post some below. Any questions feel free to ask...thought I would keep this review short and sweet:) Don't stress the small stuff..relax and enjoy every moment:)
  5. Any Gran Bahia Principe Runaway Bay Brides out there?
  6. I agree HOT YOGA definatelly sheds the inches!! I have been totally hooked and have gone just about eveyday since January...ended up committing to a year:) It has done wonders for every part of my body inside and out! I highly recommend it too:)
  7. We just plan on reception dinner then hanging out at piano bar lobby...crashing the disco or the karaoke..who knows where we will end up...lol:) Super excited though...leave 2 weeks today!!!! Eekkkkk!!!
  8. As far as I know they do not have face cloths...I have added them to my oot bags too:)
  9. Beautiful Pictures!!! I am using Merrick too! Yay! 44 more days:)
  10. Holy Crap...that can't be right!! Here was my reply from Chandlyn in regards to bringing in an outside visitor... I would definately call if you can. We have booked Merrick Cousley for our photographer.. is there a visitor/outside vendor fee we need to pay? He will need to purchase a pass at a cost of USD75.00 Is he able to get photos from a variety of locations within resort.... On wedding day and if we do ttd at resort?Yes he may I was thinking of inviting him to our reception dinner so we can get more photos...is that ok?This would be ok,
  11. Congrats to you and Thank you too for the review it is greatly appreciated!! Your pictures are just BEAUTIFUL!!! 5 months today for me!! I am sooooo excited!!!
  12. Just in case anyone is looking for their OOT bags still I found these cute ones at Dollarama today...they are a great size and zipper at the top! $2.00 each:) Now, if I could only sell my other ones before the FI founds out....LOL!!!!!!!
  13. Hi Ladies:) I have 39 Brand new OOT bags for sale... 25 White bags with Blue Handles bought from Oriental Trading... (pd $30US plus shipping and customs) 14 large brown bags bought from dollarama (pd$28) Both of these are great for OOT bags! I have decided to go with some other OOT bags instead:) Send me an offer if interested:)
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