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Our Non-Traditional Website, Made from Scratch with Weebly

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hey ladies - I am super proud of our newly-revised website and wanted to share it with the forum:




we're pretty non-traditional when it comes to all things wedding, and I searched a TON of different providers to try to find something that was unique. weebly let us build our own website from scratch 100% for free and tailor it to what we needed. if you have good photography (even free stuff online), you can add it as the header in most of their templates. everything else a drag and drop element (paragraph, paragraph with photo, photo, etc). I have almost no experience with websites/coding and found it really, really easy to customize.


hopefully this will give you some ideas as you are building your websites. I'd love any feedback/suggestions. thanks!


the image below is from our links page, where I added a clickable google map that shows an aerial shot of the resort:



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Your website looks amazing!! Great job!

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