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Mrstgun's Planning Updates (Pic Heavy - FINAL Planning Post - Page 65, Post 642)

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This is a great idea regarding the magnets! Man if I hadn't already gotten my starfish tied up the way I want to be I'd surely do it. My wedding is less than 3 weeks away now anyhow. My guest s will be thankful regardless.

Originally Posted by futuremrstgun View Post

hello ladies!


i bought ALL of my starfish from two BDW brides..not sure of the size...one batch (the one i dyed) are real..and one batch (i spray painted those) are fake...some of my starfish are quite large..probably 5 inches and then the others are small...2 to 3 inches...


i've seen them all over though...ross, marshalls, etc..i don't think we have an xmas store here..but i'll be on the lookout from now on.


i'm not doing placecards as i want my guests to sit where they want..but i love the idea of using them as placecards..one other thing you might consider is attaching a magnet to the back with a dob of glue and voila..not only will they serve as placecards but then they can become a refrigerator magnet..a nice reminder of the great time folks had at your wedding in paradise.  ;-)  i'm pretty sure i'll be doing that for some of mine..which will be given with our welcome packets upon check-in at the hotel.


until next time, happy planning!!!




Originally Posted by kkimi88 View Post

This is a brilliant idea! I'm not using starfish at all, but now I kinda wish I was. I wouldn't have even thought of that- so simple but such a lovely thought! Great! Loving seeing your new additions too, R. Looking amazing as always! x


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Hi MrsT, I hope you don't mind I'm using your planning thread... Just wanted to share with you--- If you have time, check out your local Michael's, the $1.50 bins in the front of the store are on sale for $0.50. I got a bunch of travel playing cards, luggage tags and flower brooches... There are some travel themed stuff you guys might be interested in and a few things you can add to the OOT bags :)

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