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Message in a Bottle Save the Date Invitations! Pictures, Instructions and Prices!!

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Just so you know, I used mini return address labels on the back of mine (you can see it on one of the pics I posted).  I don't think it was the best idea though because I hot glued them on, and some started peeling off.  But I think they all remained closed during shipment!  The packing tape sounds like a good idea to be sure. :)


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Haha...I'm sure at least one of two of our guys won't be able to figure it out either! lol!


Thanks for the answer!  I was looking at the tape, but holding out in case someone else had an ingenious idea for how to close them!  Considering I never noticed the tape on any of your pics, its pretty unnoticeable!  I think I'll give it a shot! 


Thanks again!  :) 



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Your message in a bottle save the dates are breath taking. I wish I was creative and had done something like that. I sent postcards that my fiancee made in photoshop.

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