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  1. Hi Misti 23, I was looking for a resort close to Jelly Fish. If you don't mind sharing which resort did you stay at when you visited? Thanks, Lona
  2. Thanks for sharing this was so helpful! We had a lot of people that were confused too, they thought the double occupancy rate was the price for two people and didn't understand that each person and room had to pay the price quoted.
  3. Jen were you the wedding with the peacock theme?
  4. I found this tutu and flower girl basket for my daughter. She is going to be soooo cute, I can't wait to see her in it! Seller: Coles Shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/nicolelamber?ref=seller_info Seller: Braggingbags http://www.etsy.com/shop/braggingbags?ref=seller_info
  5. I'm freaking out about air too! It has only been going up for me. I think I'll wait it out for one more month before I book air.
  6. I feel the same exact way! My wedding date is getting closer and closer and I'm getting bigger and bigger...I've gained 15lbs I ordered my dress two sizes smaller...not smart I know. So I definitely need to get in my but in gear...my wedding is one week after yours.
  7. I heard from my Mayte on 4/1. I know how busy she is so I was surprised I heard back from her the same day I emailed her. I sent her an inspiration power point and now I'm just waiting for my invoice. I would just email her again, I'm sure everything is fine.
  8. MM/DD/YY LonaJ~ 10.19.12 lala32 ~ 12/14/12 cinnagirl ~ 5/28/13 AquaCait ~ 5/9/12
  9. Thanks for sharing I love the boutonniere charm! My fiance's mom passed away when he was 10 and I've been thinking of a way to include her in the wedding. I think this is perfect!
  10. That's right there is one $500 fee for the ceremony setup and a $500 for the reception set up.
  11. So glad to hear your wedding was everything you dreamed! If you don't mind me asking what was the total amount that you paid for food and alcohol? I think I will have around the same amount of guest. Did you rent the entire restaurant or just use the downstairs or upstairs? Also did you do your ceremony and reception at Jelly Fish or did you do the ceremony at Dreams. I'm getting married at Dreams and having the reception at Jelly Fish, but I don't know if I want to let the guest go ahead of us and have the cocktail hour at Jelly Fish while we are taking our pictures or have the cocktail hour at DPB and we all go to Jelly Fish together. Based on your experience what do you think the best option would be? Sorry for the 101 questions lol!
  12. I was wondering what site you used because everything I'm find is in the $600-700 range leaving from houston.
  13. Oh wow we might have to fly out from Houston! Most of our guest are flying from New Orleans and Los Angeles but we would actually be leaving from Dallas. The prices leaving from Dallas are lingering around 767 so I think driving the 4 hours to Houston will be well worth it, we would be saving almost $900. Which airport and airline are you looking at?
  14. Omg I love these for sand ceremony! Thanks for sharing
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