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Originally Posted by Janelly View Post


Hi folks,


I'm thinking of this place for March of this year (no time like the last minute, eh??).  Looks like an awesome spot - the price is right from Canada and the Trip Advisor reviews are high!  Here's hoping! :)




Hi Janelly,


I fell in love with the place because it's not one of the huge crowded resorts. The wedding coordinator Liz is wonderful as well :) Good luck with your decision, March isn't too far away!



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I was wondering if anyone had any information about the food for the reception at the resort.  We visited and got to taste many of the restaurants, but we will not get a chance to taste the reception choices and are having a hard time deciding. I appreciate any information you can help me with! 

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Stacysorenson00 - FI and I went through the menu together and decided what were planning to do. We wont get to taste the food before hand either. We are doing a plated dinner though. If you want message me and I will send you our choices for the dinner we went with. Only 14 weeks left till the big day!


Corina Cox - We chose the in house photographer Daniel Gastaldi and he's been great so far with communication. He fits in our budget as well. Our second choice was Claudia Rodriguez. She has beautiful photos too but was too far out of our price range.


Hope this helps some?! I know there's not a lot of information out there on this resort but from the few people i've talked to they have had nothing but good things to say :)


- Sarah

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Sarah, I will send you a message, thanks!!


Cornia Cox, we did end up splurging a little and went with Claudia Rodriguez.  I have heard nothing but wonderful things about her, and she has been super nice in her emails! Love the resort, we stayed there for a week this past July, and thats when we decided to have our wedding there.  The resort and beach are beautiful, the price is a great value, and the food is great!



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Stacysorenson00- Here were our meal options:


Beef Tenderloin wrapped in bacon with balsamic vinegar and red wine sauce, Accompanied by mashed potatoes and vegetables


Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and lobster, Accompanied by grilled vegetables and bell peppers


We did two options because we had 70 people and wanted them to have a choice. I got the beef, and husband got the chicken, so I tasted both. They were both freaking delicious. If I had to pick just one, I would go with the chicken. However, the mashed potatoes were fantastic!


Corina- I used a private photographer named Octavio Montes. He was significantly less expensive than the in-house photographer, and did a FANTASTIC job! We had a lot of pics to take in a short amount of time and he totally let me lead. He was very creative, spoke good English, and easy to work with!!


Please fel free to PM me with specific questions too. I LOVED everything about my wedding thanks to good planning and this AWESOME resort!!!!

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Hi all -


We are looking at February 21, 2014 as our date. We have stayed at FAC in the past and loved it. We are looking at doing the Mar package and then hiring a photographer adn DJ from outside.


I have a couple of questions.


1. Did the hotel offer any kind of gorup discount to your group? We are expecting about 50 guests.


2. What music did you use for your ceremony? We are getting married on the beach and I am concerned that the music will be hard to hear over the sound of the waves.


3. Has anyone used DJ Mannia? I have read good things on the forum about them. I like the idea of the cold fireworks. Has anyone used him at FAC and did they allow the fireworks?


4. Lis has been great but it takes her a few days to get back to me. Is that normal? I'm concerned that when the date gets closer this could be an issue but I've ready nothing but good things about her from others.


Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

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