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  1. Theknot.com's wedding shop has their welcome totes on clearance for .99 and you can use promo god FINAL40 to get another 40% each one making them .59 cents each! http://weddingshop.theknot.com/welcome-bag-tote.aspx They come in several colors.
  2. Aqua World is directly across he street from the hotel and they have employees on site at the hotel to help you. You can find them in the towel kiosk by the cevicheria. My experience with them was bad but we went deep sea fisihing and they took us out with 9 foot swells. The entire boat was sick all day. :-/ BUT they do offer a 2 hour lagoon cruise that includes your drinks and it only cruises around the lagoon so it wouldn't be rough. The prices are reasonable and they will work with you for a group rate.
  3. How many tote bags do you have left?
  4. I cant view it either. Woukd someone send to me pretty please? Mirandadcole@gmail.com
  5. Thank you! I was looking for something like this.
  6. We didnt get to see any while we were there which was disappointing.
  7. We chose the sushi board, guacamole, cheese truffles, mini roast beef sandwiches and the beef kabobs. They were all very good at the tasting. We especially liked the chipotle cheese truffles. Which ones did you choose? Our cake will be tres leches. When you have time after your wedding I'd love to hear your review of the BBQ Buffett. Your day will be here very soon! Congrats.
  8. Our wedding is Feb 21. We went down last month for our tastings (Canapes for the cocktail hour and Cake). Since we opted for the buffet we didn't get a chance to taste the food that will be served at dinner. We are doing the BBQ Buffet. Which did you do? We are using the recommended photographer from the hotel, Daniel Gastaldi. He did our engagement photos while we were there for the tasting and we were very happy with them. He is very reasonably priced after shopping around and including the per head charge the hotel will charge for outside vendors. We are also having the photo booth and cigar roller for our reception. Anyone else have experience with that? What have you all decided to do for ceremony music? I know that I will walk to Israel K's Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World. We're having a hard time deciding on a song for my hubs. We aren't going to have a wedding party since we are only expecting about 25 guests. I'm concerned that the 5 songs they are asking us to bring will be too much.
  9. We are getting married in February and already have 10 rooms booked. I'd like to do an activity like that but it probably won't fit in my budget.
  10. Forgot some other things I wanted to ask: What did you do for favors? I have some ideas but we want it to be something our guests will love since they are traveling to cancun for us. Did you give out of town bags? I understand the hotel charges a delivery fee per bag. Any ideas on doing this more efficiently? What about music for the ceremony? We have the sound technician and Lis told us to bring 5 songs on a CD. I'm having trouble choosing.
  11. This thread is so helpful. We are getting married on February 21, 2014 at FAC. Our ceremony will be on the beach. The cocktail hour on the lower pool deck and the reception on the upper pool deck. We've decided to use the hotels photographer and DJ in the interest of keeping things simple. Anyone have feedback on either? Also, I am a little concerned about having my hair/makeup done there without a trial. Anyone else get theirs done by the hotel and do you have sample photos?
  12. Congrats your wedding is in just two days! I am anxious to read all about it!
  13. Hi all - We are looking at February 21, 2014 as our date. We have stayed at FAC in the past and loved it. We are looking at doing the Mar package and then hiring a photographer adn DJ from outside. I have a couple of questions. 1. Did the hotel offer any kind of gorup discount to your group? We are expecting about 50 guests. 2. What music did you use for your ceremony? We are getting married on the beach and I am concerned that the music will be hard to hear over the sound of the waves. 3. Has anyone used DJ Mannia? I have read good things on the forum about them. I like the idea of the cold fireworks. Has anyone used him at FAC and did they allow the fireworks? 4. Lis has been great but it takes her a few days to get back to me. Is that normal? I'm concerned that when the date gets closer this could be an issue but I've ready nothing but good things about her from others. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    The Official INSANITY Support Thread

    I'm on day 3. A little sore but not so bad. We are getting married in February and I'd love to lose about 40 pounds before then.