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  1. We had our reception inside because it rained. However, I was planning on having it outside in the garden area. The palm trees have lights on them and I was planning on hanging lanterns with lights in them that draped from the trees. I just chose flowers straight from the PDF, she may be able to do something different though since she uses an outside florist. I brought vases to hang on chairs in the aisle for the ceremony. The wedding coordinator (if you want to call it that) told me they had "nothing" at the resort to put in them. I literally had to use flowers that the housekeepers brought into our honeymoon suite for them. She was not that helpful, but that might have been part my fault I didn't tell her I had them until I got down there. I just never thought it would be that hard to find 6 single flowers in Mexico. Just double check everything when you have the tasting...the centerpieces I picked from the PDF was not what was on the tables. Another annoying thing was where the officiant stood, in all of my pictures she us standing in front of us with a bright red umbrella instead of behind us. We did not do a rehearsal, so that might have been caught if we had ran through it before. I put maracas on the chairs and people shook them when they announced us. Those made some cute pics!
  2. I just got back from having my wedding at Fiesta Americana Condesa. Overall, the resort is top notch in food, service, pool activities, and beach. We seriously felt like a celebrity wherever we went. The rooms are dated though, we had several friends who had to move rooms because of air and phone not working and another group that did not have their adjoining rooms ready until the second night. Now to the wedding...my advice is to take care of any payment before you go. We had issues with not meeting up with the wedding coordinator when we got there. I asked the front desk to call for her and they told me she was not there, and she said she was in the lobby looking for me. Whatever happened, we did not see her. She came up for payment the afternoon of the wedding and my card was rang for 800$ more than originally quoted in the emails before we went. Then she asked to see my id and credit card for the 2nd time to scan as we were walking out for family pictures. When I asked for a bill breakdown all that was added was a 15% service charge. She was never really able to tell me what a "service charge" was, I am assuming gratuity. Which is fine, but I would have just liked to know it ahead of time. The officiant skipped a reading that one of my nieces was going to do during the ceremony and there were not enough chairs at each table to match up with my seating chart at the reception, and my guest book directions were not sitting by the postcards (no pen by the guest book either). We are a very laid back couple and did not let it ruin our day, but it more just annoyed me after months of emails and going back and forth that several things were overlooked. Good Luck :-)
  3. Thanks for the info! What about the lights on the trees, did you bring those too?
  4. I love the pics! I am getting married next month there. Did you bring the balls that you have hanging and did you rent the white sheer overlay you have at the ceremony on the bamboo arch?
  5. Thank you for the review. I am also doing the private function and will make sure I talk to Lis about that. Do you have any wedding pictures you could share. I am trying to picture the set up.
  6. I'm also interested in what packages people picked and how it worked out. We are doing the Private Dinner package.
  7. Anyone have any feedback about their experience here? I am getting married Nov 2013 and needed photographer ideas. Thanks!