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  1. Hi Nanfa- I did not mail anything down. Figured it would probably end up being more expensive than taking an extra suitcase. My dad actually took a large suitcase filled with my decorations, etc. My mother-in-law and two aunts took some fragile items in their carry-on bags. So I would just ask guests/family members to take small things for you. We booked our catamaran thru one of the beach vendors that walks around with a binder of activities. It worked out great. The lady at the Aquaworld kiosk by the pool is kind of rude and we got a better deal from the guys on the beach anyways.
  2. I bought these table numbers on Etsy. Lis placed them in the bowl. There is a big starfish behind the number
  3. Hi and congrats! 1) Who did you use as a DJ? we used the technician that was provided for $150/hr. We put our own music on an SD card and gave it to Lis. We had the folders labeled "dance music, "bride/groom song", "dinner music", etc. The sound technician did a great job fading the music out and going into the next song when the songs were finished. 2) we were thinking of doing the reception by the pool as well, do we need to rent a dance floor? was it bright enough? I think the reception by the pool is the best place. We did not need to rent the dance floor. The cement area right next to the pool works perfect and we had nearly everyone out there dancing. It was also definitely bright enough. They had some spot lights on. 3) we decided to do the buffet, Lis said it would be a quicker dinner and more time at the reception, we were also thinking about doing an extra hour for the reception, how long was yours? My only regret about the whole wedding was not having extra reception time. I wanted to pay for the extra hour and my husband said it would be fine for us to all hang out in the lobby bar afterwards. We only had 3 hours of reception and 30 minutes was taken up w/ the private Fire Show that we had for our guests. If I did it again, I'd pay for 2 extra hours! But we did hang and dance in the lobby bar and it was a great time. 4) did you use her centerpieces for the tables? Yes, she provided centerpieces but I showed her a pic of what I wanted. She did exactly what I showed her. I bought some turquoise and light blue table runners cheap on the internet and she included those on the tables too. I will post a pic of the tables. 5) any advice you could give us? Pay the extra hour for the reception, but see if you can negotiate the price down a bit. Pay for the fire show! Our guests absolutely loved it and keep talking about it. We took a Catamaran boat to Isla Mujeres the following day with 35 of our guests. It was $40/person for the catamaran all day, snorkeling and shopping on the island.....drinks on the boat too! This was a big hit!
  4. No problem! Nope, those lights are already on the trees every night.
  5. Yes, I bought the paper lanterns from a site called Oriental Trading Co. (pretty cheap). I found LED bulbs on Amazon to put inside them for when it got dark. Lis included the white over-lay on the arch for no charge because we did not need bouquets or boutonierres. I had all my own flowers and things made on Etsy.
  6. Hello, we just got home from our wedding at FACC about 3 weeks ago. It was amazing and we could not have asked for a more perfect wedding! We had the ceremony on the beach and the reception outside in the upper pool/garden terrace area. They block it off to make it private for your party. We had 54 guests and did the private reception with plated dinners instead of buffet. I got my hair and make-up done on-site. It's nice because the people come to your room to do it. I just showed them a pic of how I wanted my hair and they did exactly what I wanted. I am also not one to wear a lot of make-up and the eye make-up was a bit much for me (but I got tons of compliments and everyone else loved it). I think as long as you tell them or show them what you want, they can do it (show them a natural look). The guy that comes is an actual make-up artist, so he does this crazy stuff where he matches your skin tone. Our guests booked rooms thru the 1-800 # that we were given with our "wedding group code". This helps so that the hotel pretty much hooks your guests up with better rooms/locations. I think it would have been easier for everyone to book thru Orbitz or Expedia, but you and your significant other also won't get extra perks (because the hotel won't know who is actually in your wedding group if you do it this way). We got hooked up to the master suite because of the # of people we had and also, all of our guests got up-graded to Ocean View for the price of Lagoon View. Hope this all helps! I will attach a few reception photos so that you can see the set-up.
  7. Thanks for the great wedding review! I'm getting married here in September. We are also having a private function. I know that it's for only 3 hrs. and I was told that each additional hour is $150. We are having about 70 guests, so $19 per person for each additional hour would be pretty expensive and I refuse to spend that kind of money. We were already kinda annoyed that we have to pay $48 per plate when it's an all- inclusive hotel. Do you think the $48 per plate is worth it? I understand it's private and we are going to have our own bartender, wait staff, etc. We did visit in January and tried the food options. I thought the ribeye was so-so and everything else was great! Did you have plated meals or buffet? How many guests did you have? Thanks!
  8. Hi, we are getting married Sept. 2013 at Fiesta Americana Condesa! Any info, pointers and photos would be appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Hi, we are getting married Sept. 2013 at Fiesta Americana Condesa! Any info, pointers and photos would be appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Wow! Thanks for the great response....i appreciate it! We are going to have what we have counted as "for sures" around 40 to 50 people and then I have some people question marked. People that we didn't think would want to come are even coming out of the wood-works now. Wish my parents had a little bit better of an attitude about this whole situation. They are giving me the hardest time. I will PM you my phone number and address. I would love to get more details. Lis is great, but the language barrier gets in the way a little with certain questions. Thanks again!
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