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Help a Future DR Bride - Post Your Favorite HDC Photo Pics Here!!!!!

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Love the pictures posted so far and this thread!


We are super excited to be working with HDC!

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From start to finish we were extremely happy with HDC.  Both Arnuad and Milan were fantastic!


Before we arrived Arnaud was easy to contact by email and responded quickly with everything that we needed to know.   On the wedding day Milan arrived a few minutes early and got to work straight away.  He took some very artistic shots in the room of both the Girls and the Guys getting ready. 




During the ceremony he took some excellent shots of guests and us as a couple and really managed to capture the emotion.  After the ceremony Milan took some great shots of guests celebrating and again really caught the emotion of guests.




We then took some group shots which all look great, everybody is smiling and looking happy.  No blinking or people caught off guard.  Which I imagine is hard to do with such a big group.  At this point Milan noticed the weather changing so he hurried us (politely) to do some ‘couple shotsâ€.  From seeing them afterwards however you would never have guessed that we had to rush.  They look great and there was a wide range for us to pick from. It was at this point that the heavens opened.  Milan didnâ€t stop though and we have some of the best shots whilst it was raining!




Our time by now was nearly up however as the weather looked like it was improving Milan agreed to stop for an extra 15 minutes to take a few shots on the beach as we had not managed to make it that far before the rain.  This was so nice of him and again, some of our favourite shots came from this.




Arnaud has also done a great job of editing and enhancing the pictures and we have a range of colour, sepia and black and white images.


We would like to thank both Arnaud and Milan so much for giving us wedding pictures that we will cherish forever.

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What a great company! We hired HDC as the videographer for our wedding at Dreams Punta Cana on 5/11/12. Things couldn't have gone better. We worked through Arnaud to get everything set up. He was extremely responsive to whatever questions we had, mostly through email. The day of the wedding, They were on time and the videographer was a joy to work with. He was very pleasant to be around. He got great footage of all of our guests (77 people). What was most impressive was the turn around time time and the quality of the video. Just 7 days later before we left to go home from the honeymoon, we had the 2 hour highlight video that was perfect. Many of my friends who get married in the states wait many months to get their video. It was awesome to be able to come home and share with everyone right away, especially those who couldn't make it.


I would absolutely recommend HDC without a doubt. They were a pleasure to work with, and more importantly, their work was a pleasure!

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