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  1. Thanks Krysta! Congrats to you! The weather was actually wonderful (except for the rain on the wedding day...)! Hot during the day, not so bad at night. A little humid at night but not awful. Think about options for your hair -- my wedding day turned out to be windy and there were quite a few other windy days. Ceremony was at 2:30 but the day was a little on the cooler side because of the rain but generally it was pretty warm in the afternoon. Also - bring bug spray. Some people got killed by the bugs and others didn't even get bitten... Let me know if you have any more questions.
  2. Thank you! We used HDC for our photos. They were amazing!
  3. I had my hair & makeup done at the salon. my bridesmais did as well. They are extremely slow. They took about 2 hrs for hair/makeup and they took close to 3 hrs for me. My trial was 3.5 hrs (but def worth it to make sure you get what you want) Bring pics of exactly what you want...even pics of what you don't want. I had my hair done at home and took tons of pics. Wish i did the same for my makeup. It took a bit to get on the same page but once we did itncame out beautiful. Also, There is a language barrier bc none of the girls in the salon speak much English so they bring in someone to tra
  4. Didn't do the bridal suite...We had the 1 Bedroom Suite in the Reserve which was plenty big for the before the wedding pics...I finally posted my review
  5. We just used them for our wedding on November 10th at Paradisus Palma Real. I really can't say enough wonderful things about the whole team. Arnaud very communicative and responsive to all of my emails. He met with us a few days after the wedding so we could choose our pics that would be printed out and we had the video and all the pics before we left! Milan's photography style is amazing. You can tell he absolutely loves what he does. Our pics are so beautiful!!! All of the guests couldn't stop raving about how great Milan was. Carlos did an amazing job as well. He quietly stood in
  6. Hey ladies...just back from my wedding at PPR and it was absolutely amazing!!! I'll post a review asap. If you are doing hair/makeup at the salon, you really need to be pretty specific about what you want. I had my hair trial done at home and brought tons of pics of every angle. I had clip in extensions as well. My hair came out perfect! Makeup - I should have brought pics. I did a bridal preview there so everything was worked out. When Carmen first did my makeup I think a little something was lost in translation but she re-did my eyes and it was perfect. I would def suggest bringing pi
  7. We did the Love at First Site visit. Definitely worth it. You're essentially just paying for airfare, you get to check out the place, and meet with the Romance Planning staff/decorators/dj etc. They take the credit off of the base package.
  8. We got pretty decent prices through my travel agent but he told me that as time goes on, PPR does deep discounts...I actually wound up have about 5 couples go through Expedia because it was cheaper at the time that they booked... I went down in March for a site visit...PM me and let me know if there are any specific pics you are looking for and I'll sent them your way. We didn't take a ton but have quite a few good ones.
  9. I think the photographer fee is something new for 2012. It's not in the calculator by your wedding planner should make you aware of it. I did a site visit in March for my wedding this November...Olympus Terrace is next to the pool on a paved surface. Very nice location if you don't want it on the beach Let me know if you have any more questions...
  10. There is a bridal suite. It's $300 a day if you just want the suite and then there are options for services. You have to contact the mgr of the salon for details. Here is her email address: dpranjic@paradisuspalmareal.com She has been very helpful. I've attached the doc that she sent me... Bridal Suite.docx
  11. Any brides at PPR get their hair/makeup done at the salon? Any pics of bride and bridal party would be greatly appreciated! -Michele
  12. Tanisha - What did you wind up doing for your bouquet? Michele
  13. You have to go with what you love!!! I always imagined myself in a "princessy" gown and that's exactly what I got. It's not extremely heavy but I will probably be a little warm (thankfully we're getting married in November so hopefully not too bad!)..I just couldn't imagine myself in another dress. Just because you doing a destination wedding doesn't mean you have to go with a destination gown Michele
  14. Erica, I've read a few good things about the hairdresser & makeup artist at the Reserve spa...It's definitely a good idea to bring pics. I'm going to do a trial at home with the girl that does my hair and I'll take tons of pics so hopefully they can copy. Good idea about the spa the morning of the wedding...I'll see what the girls think... Michele
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