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  1. I was just in PC for my wedding last week, we arrived on Sunday and it didnt rain until Late Thursday, but it was cloudy with off and on rain until we left on Sunday Trust me any rain will not ruin your trip or wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!! We still did what we wanted to do and everyone had a blast!!!!
  2. Hey spaterson Now that I see ur new picture I recognize that I saw you down at the resort...........u looked beautiful!!! My friends and I interrupted ur photo shoot on the stairs.........sorry How did everything work out for you?? I ended up changing ALL of the plans I had made lol I saw many beach weddings prior to mine so I changed ours to the beach as well as the reception and I couldnt have been happier!!! besides the 3 episodes of rain that we had to run for cover from. Overall we had an awesome trip!!!! Hope urs was great as well!!! We were sooo busy all week I wish we booked for longer so we had some time to relax
  3. Awesome, thanks for all the information!!! O I didn't know the other pool location is no cost, that is kind of silly to have one that is and one that is not. Did you get confirmation on your reception location?? because I have not heard from anyone in a while..... Also I am excited to read about the incentives, I did not know about this deal either, is this on their website or something????
  4. Yes we are getting really excited!!!! We ordered our mugs from discount mugs.com, they were more than i had wanted to spend but I REALLY wanted to get them for everyone to have down there, I hope people use them!!! My guys were talking about doing a fishing excursion also, thats the only thing I wasnt sure about, do we have to set that stuff up ahead of time or can the excursions be set up down there?? We are having our ceremony at 330 with dinner at 630, we decided not to get a DJ, I was actually hoping to have a beach bonfire as well after dinner instead of an actual reception. I never got an actual answer all they said was that the bonfire is about 20 minutes long. Do you have anything planned to do with your girls while the guys are fishing?? Just wondering what I could plan to do with them...
  5. Hey spaterson, If I remember correct our wedding days are close, mine is May 17. I am also annoyed my the extra cost for the pool island.........that is ridiculous As far as reserving it, I was told that you can only decide that once you are down there, so I have not even tried. The only thing I have done recently is fill out the pre wedding checklist and I did check on there that I would like poolside, but who knows what response I will get back...lol Anyways I have been talking with Alwida, I have 30 people going down and we are all getting pretty excited!!! How about you, how many people do you have?? Do you plan to make like a week agenda for everyone, like group dinner and stuff?? So far I have made totes, chapstick, and we also ordered custom mugs for our guests Jill
  6. Hey My wedding is getting close fast!!! I have emailed Alwida and no response for about a week. Does anyone know for final payment if they accept credit cards? Also I would like to do excursions with my guests, anyone know if they have a list of them??? Thanks Jill
  7. WOW!! YOUR PICTURES ARE AMAZING, SO BEAUTIFUL, I WAS TEARING UP JUST LOOKING AT THEM. Just wondering about the activities, what do they offer and when do u have to set them up, like before you arrive or after? Also did you do most of the planning, like flowers, and tables before or when you arrived to the resort?? Thanks Jill
  8. I used the free template, didnt even know there is one you can buy. I made them using Microsoft word.
  9. Thanks! If you google caribbean maps a bunch of them come up, if you want the one I have specifically I can send it to you, let me know.
  10. First I want to thank everyone for their help and posts on how to make these. I am not crafty at all but somehow surprised myself with making these. I got the template from ayleebits.com, and printed them out on my hp printer at home. It took several months of designing and cutting them out but I think they were totally worth it! Let me know what you think or if anyone has any questions please!
  11. Hey I absolutely love your dress!!!! I think it may be what I am looking for! What is the name of it??
  12. Hey thePYT, congrats to you!!!!! Unfortunately I changed my resort a couple weeks ago....I really wanted to go with the Paradisus but I started to get worried about what the trip would cost my family and friends to go down there. So I changed to Dreams Palm Beach instead, also b/c their wedding packages are not as expensive...but good luck to you, I am sure the Paradisus will be amazing!!
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