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"New Resort Opening May 1 2011" NOW LARIMAR ~ PUNTA CANA

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I actually just contacted Claribel today about the welcome dinner.If you want a private welcome dinner - then she directed me to the Wedding Info Packet. So, I am assuming it's no different than having a wedding reception dinner. Howerver, the hotel will reserve a non-private dinner reservation for 25 or less at one of the restaurants. There will be a set menu.


When I asked her about a welcome cocktail hour, she suggested just having your guests meet in the Moments Lounge. However, I'm assuming they would also do a private cocktail hour, using the drink pricing from wedding packet.


Hope this helps anyone!


I second that on wanting to see pics of the poolside reception!! Can' wait to hear about your trip, Sarah!

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JB, Thanks for the info!!

Sarah that is awesome!!! Can't wait to here all about it!!!

Katusha, that's true if the party is under 25 it's included in the all inclusive plan, which is great!  I think as far as the cocktail party it would prob be 12pp.... I believe that was what it said in that original guide & I believe it includes apps!


I recently wrote my TA a letter asking about the reviews & TA....  This was the response back from the resort, so it made me feel good that they are trying to improve on the quality & standards!





Now Larimar Punta Cana 

Av. Alemania s/n, El Cortecito, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

Phone: (809) 221 4646, Fax: (809) 552 6851 



           July 2011 

Dear Christina, 

Since the new merger on May 01, 2011 we have evaluated different areas to enhance, 

so that we can comply with the AMResorts brand standards, and better serve our 

guests at Now Larimar Punta Cana. 

We hired 2 new chefs of prestige caliber to revamp and increase our buffet and a la 

carte restaurantâ€s satisfaction and variety. To oversee all the food and beverage 

functions in the resort for both the NOW Larimar and Secrets Royal Beach, we hired a 

Corporate Executive Chef that has a strong European background and the word on the 

street is he is one of the best chefs in the Dominican Republic. This change has 

significantly improved the taste, variation, and, presentation of the food served 

throughout the day whether it is in the buffet or at the a la carte restaurants.  

To better serve our guests we hired an e-concierge to follow-up, handle and respond to 

request done through the web.  

We also added more servers in the pool bar and beach area along with taste and food 

quality we are also focusing on customer comfort in our common areas. 

The additional services now offered also include the big screen movies shown every 

night on the beach for children at 7:30pm and for Adults at 9:45pm. Our kids club has 

been modified to attend to children from ages 3-12 and is now open daily from 9:00am 

to 10:00pm (previously from ages 4-12 and open from 10:00 am to 5:00pm). In 

August, we will be offering the Core Zone for teenagers to enjoy different teen activities. 

The children/teens will also have access to the ocean trampoline, rock climbing iceberg 

and water toys which are already available at the hotel. For the adults, a professional 

fitness instructor to teach daily Yoga, Zumba, and fitness programs has been hired. 

During the day, customers of all ages can enjoy from our “Happening Now†program 

that includes daily seminars of workshops of painting, arts and crafts, dancing lessons, 

Spanish lessons, etc. Finally, our newest additions are our Vegas professional 

performers that perform twice a week, such as our current Elvis Presley Show. 

It is important to increase services and quality but to also train our associates. To 

provide the best service possible we have organized 6 different training programs to 

properly develop the skill set of all the staff. 

Now Larimar Punta Cana 

Av. Alemania s/n, El Cortecito, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

Phone: (809) 221 4646, Fax: (809) 552 6851 


Overall we are starting to see the changes especially in the service area. However, with 

the transition in the first month, we were still undergoing the process which explains 

the Trip Advisor comments, but please note that we are now exceeding guest 

expectations. Since this is a transition period, the resort offers very competitive and 

attractive prices which gives the customers the opportunity to experience the Now and 

Secrets Resorts with all the service and quality for a bargain price.  

Please note that with all the most recent improvements the current comments on Trip 

Advisor do not in any way reflect the standard of service that we are able to provide 

today, in which we pride ourselves 


Please accept my personal assurance your event would be well taken care of during 

their stay at the NOW Larimar over. 

By choosing to stay at the NOW Larimar, we hope you will entrust our staff with the 

opportunity to exceed your expectations as we fulfill our mission to be the Resort of 

Choice in Punta Cana 

We will continue to keep you informed on any new changes and, are more than happy 

to receive any feedback to help better our service and customer satisfaction. 

Warm Regards, 


Gabriel Riera 

Director of Sales 


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Katusha:Thanks so much for the mail on La Baraza.  It looks amazing.  We are debating right now on if it would be too hard for the people with babies to bring them along...therefore we may decide to stay on land for the reception that way if people need to go to their rooms they can. We have 5 family members bringing kiddos under 1!


Sarah:Can't wait to hear about your trip! That is coming up so soon.  The reviews have trended back toward the positive on trip advisor.  I can't wait to hear your thoughts.


Asiamarie:That is great pricing for the majestic!  We are for sure going to spend a few days there on our honeymoon, and it is my first choice if I change resorts.  At this point though I really hope we can stick it out with NOW.


Vav:You posted the link to the wedding booklet the other day which was awesome! We have all been waiting for that forever.  I was unable to see any information regarding cakes and flowers though? Am I just missing it?

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THANK YOU SO MUCH Moni!!! That really helps...


Sarah, I just sent you the sample look for your invites and another sample so you get a feel for how much changes you can make!

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Great post, Moni! It makes all of us feels so much better.

Acutie, you are very welcome. I posted the link to the wedding booklet earlier this week for JB and it contained all of the info, but when I went back and looked at it 2 days ago, the info about the cakes and flowers was gone. It was very detailed before hand, had lots of pics with many available options. I am not sure why it's gone now, but I have a feeling that they are making some changes to it now, so we shall see later.

Otherwise, things are starting to look way better for NOW Larimar and FB page comments are making me very happy as well cheesy.gif

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JB, I'm going to have to start sending out the invites soon and thought of your beautiful passport creations. Can you message/email me the details on your pricing please. It's katerina.trusova@gmail.com 

Thank you so much!

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