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  1. Hey Girls, This may be a stupid question...but do our guests get to pick what they want to eat at the seated dinner reception? Or do we have to choose a set menu w/ only one entree / app / dessert, etc? Did someone have a picture of the poolside reception?? If so, can you either post it or email it to me? Jamiekuda@yahoo.com Thanks!
  2. I actually just contacted Claribel today about the welcome dinner.If you want a private welcome dinner - then she directed me to the Wedding Info Packet. So, I am assuming it's no different than having a wedding reception dinner. Howerver, the hotel will reserve a non-private dinner reservation for 25 or less at one of the restaurants. There will be a set menu. When I asked her about a welcome cocktail hour, she suggested just having your guests meet in the Moments Lounge. However, I'm assuming they would also do a private cocktail hour, using the drink pricing from wedding packet. Hope this helps anyone! I second that on wanting to see pics of the poolside reception!! Can' wait to hear about your trip, Sarah!
  3. Claribel wrote me back today! She answered all of my questions and was very sweet!! In case a few of you were wondering the same things as me: - Sunset (in october / nov) around 6:30 pm - If you choose the divine package, you are welcome to exchange menu items from any of the menus. - Cocktail Reception is 1 hour. Dinner Reception is 3 hours. - Reception locations = Mercure Restaurant, Capers, Castaways, the beach, and the theatre. (Castaways looks great!) Patience is key. She will respond to you when she can (i'd rather have her full attention during my wedding than responding to other brides emails) *I havent really asked about the DJ because I plan on playing my ipod. With such a small gathering (25 -30 people) I don't see us breaking it down on the dancefloor, just some good background tunes.
  4. THANK YOU , Katusha! Actuie, I had the same feelings about switching. However, I still have faith that in 3 months (by the time of my wedding), things will start turning around. The only major concerns that I have are: "locals weekends" ...which they HAVE to stop doing if it's causing so much negative feedback on TA. And also, the food. I can only hope that will improve. I am sure by the time of your wedding they will have all of the kinks worked out. If you have a close "runner up" maybe you need to do some serious thinking...but personally, I am glad I stuck with NOW. I am not really worrying about Clairbel's unresponsiveness. I believe someone else posted that she was on medical leave for awhile? As long as they still have my confirmation date and time...most of the details will be worked out in the days prior to the wedding (unless you are hiring external vendors). I am going to have an "idea" of what I want...but I think you need to be really flexible and just roll with the punches once you are down there. If you get all caught up in the details, things may not turn out the way you intended...and you dont want to be stressed out or dissapointed. That is just my way of handling this chaotic process. Good luck to all! Jamie
  5. Please share if you get a response! I emailed Claribel several weeks ago....and nothing. It's crunch time for me! I'll let you know what I find out as well. Thanks!
  6. Claribel recommended Florian Koetter (videopuntacana.com) for the videographer. Or you could use the resort's photographer, Ricardo, to do the video as well (i'm assuming he has an assistant) which comes with the divine package. I didn't ask about the DJ.
  7. Claribel gave me this information today about the resort's photgrapher. You may have already gotten this, but just in case: Ricardo Vasquez ricardovasquezh@yahoo.es flickr.com/ricardovasquez I'll let you know if I hear of anything else.
  8. Clarbiel gave me his info. I tried emailing him, but no response yet. Ricardo Vásquez Email: ricardovasquezh@yahoo.es Página web: flickr.com/ricardovasquez
  9. Hey Girls! Which wedding packages are you choosing? I think I will end up going with the Divine beause I really want the DJ ($730), Gazebo Decor ($250) and upgraded photos so I think it'd be worth the extra $1000. However, I may hire an external videographer that Claribel recommended. He charges $750 for a 45-65 min edited DVD of the whole day. Ive noticed that a few of you are hiring an external photographer. Have you heard bad things about the hotel's photos? ~jamie
  10. OMG, those reviews are really troubling!!! I am crossing my fingers that is just growing pains. Let's hope the next few are better!
  11. Deesanders ~ i sent in my credit card info this morning. I'll let you know if Claribel responds to me or charges my card. Sorry to hear about your hassle! That is exacly what I was afraid of. I agree with Acutie, let the resort know that can not happen again. Good luck to you!
  12. Moni, great wording! I may borrow that too I see that your RSVP date is by Aug 1. Does that mean you are not putting down the $50 deposits for each guest until they RSVP? I was struggling with that. I want to go ahead and block off a few rooms for those guests that I know for sure are attending. But it may just be easier to do it once we get all of the RSVPs back. FYI, My TA quoted the following prices for land only (tropical view room) : 3 night = $282; 4 night = $368; 5 night = $450 Thanks for the warm welcome girls. And I completely agree with open air dinner setting. Love it! I will not have 50 guests, so looks like it'll be a plated dinner for me. That decision was easy!
  13. Hi Girls, I have been reading your posts since page 13. You all have been SUPER helpful, and I finally decided to chime in! I have chosen NOW as my wedding destination. My wedding will be in October 2011. I am going to send my $100 deposit next week. Yes, i am WAYYY behind you all! Question about Passport invitations! LOVE LOVE the idea! Is it easy to DIY? What kind of paper should you use? Can you make it in word and take it to the printing shop? I am not creative at all. Please help! Anyone have thoughts on: -beach or gazebo wedding ceremony? -dinner reception location? -plated or buffet dinner? I wish if I had my own wedding planner because these decisions will drive me crazy. Any input would help and good luck to you all. PS: fabulous dress, JB!
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