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  1. Ladies, I'm sorry I haven't replied in a while, but house remodeling has my full attention these days. You'll understand me after ya'll weddings are over and you're still "on the go" full speed type of thing. I just had to make myself busy again Vav, I don't have the DJ info, he just showed up at the wedding and did his part, everyone was happy. I would suggest to pay for few extra hours and ask him to start the party after everyone finishes dinner (that way you don't waste the hours you paid). Keep in mind that the down time at the resort is 10pm, so if you want the party to continue until midnight, I'm pretty sure you have to pay per hour again. Double check with WC. I would strongly recommend the HDC to everyone who wants beautiful pictures and the most awesome photographer to work with (mine was Milan and he is so fun and great to work with). Regarding the resort photog, I would not advice you to go with them, cause I had 25 free shots and it was okay, pretty, but just as pretty as my hubby's aunt's pictures. Oh, and videographer does the great job too (30-min is included in the Divine package, do not overpay for anything else). I loved the quality of his work and now we have forever lasting memories on the video! Also, someone mentioned that they're going to have lunch with their group at one of the resort's restaurants all together. Keep in mind that only 2 buffets are open for lunch and one of them is quite small (the Castaways). Restaurants are only open for dinner and will not sit all of you together (the best part of my wedding was having no more than 35 ppl). TJ, you asked some questions while back too: Did you have Castaways all to yourselves? Yes! it was all ours! For your table runners what was the length of the material you used? Just go on ebay and type in table runners, it is all standard size. What did you use in your vases to light them up that way? Again, ebay is your BFF Those are LED lights. I used ice cubes, which will activate the moment it toches the water. really awesome stuff. You'll have to put something on top of them to hold it down, cause these float. Was Catasways cool? Is it at all sheltered? I am trying to decide if we are going to have our reception here...Do you have photos of an overall view of this area? Castaways was a great fit for our wedding, but might get a little windy, depending on the weather at night. it is not sheltered, but security is there to protect the premises from stranger in speedos LOL I will post the photo when I get home (I'm supposedly working now Did they have the dacing area set up on the terrace? Dancing area was not set-up, I wouldn't worry about it, since you can arrange the tables in a way, so you have the middle for the dance floor. The picture someone posted of the lit dance floor, you can rent from DJ Mannia and it is too much $$$$ don't waste your money if you're on a budget. What did you use for your OOT bags themselves? I had such awesome OOT bags from oriental trading. They were like $15 for a dozen, I got 2 different kinds - neon colors and tropical hibiscus flower kind. Everyone loved them and carried it everywhere. I need to start booking things and getting organized! LOL... i have been a bit of a procrastinator lately! Did you do a Trash the Dress shoot? If so did you "trash" your own dress or have a second one for that? I didn't do the TTD, since my dress was too precious and I couldn't imagine rolling in the sand wearing it I would've done it I had a second dress, but we were so short on time, that decided not to. Guys, if you have more questions, please ask. I'll post more pics later.
  2. Vav, I would post a little more info (my review) in few days, can't seem to catch up on things since we've been back. But here are some answers/suggestions for you: 1. We brought our own decorations for everything. Table runners, chair sashes, MIL found plastic vases (very light and beautiful), diamond confetti, cake topper, favor bags, sand ceremony set, water expanding beads (for the centerpieces), some seashells etc. Most of it, I bought on ebay. In the end it was all worth it, I had the most beautiful wedding tables, I'll try to attach the picture. So, if u want to save $$ - DIY 2. I had my reception at Castaways, but few days before the wedding I was trying to change it. I would not advise on the beach location at all believe me, it is soooo windy every evening/night, that u'd regret it. Castaways was perfect, but the only reason why is because it was a lot less windy on my wedding. We simply were blessed with great weather. The reason I was trying to change the location, it's because I saw a wedding on the first night of our stay... poor bride, it rained on them during the ceremony (I'm talking heavy tropical storm rain), and then the night was so windy, that Castaways was full of sand blown from the beach. Up to you, but it was a major stressor for me. 3. My daddy brought big beautiful sky lanterns for us to use, but... long story short it didn't work. The only place you're allowed to use them is on the beach. Well, it's impossible due to the wind. Our DJ caught on fire trying to help us to light them (he was fine after all, but it could have been one of the kids!). We took them home with us, and planning on releasing it on Christmas night. Divine package includes Dj for 2hrs, which is what we used his services for. We played our Ipod while we were eating and them he did his part. He was okay, not too bad for the DR. We were so happy that day, we danced to whatever was playing anyways. 4. My OOT bags were a hit. Everyone loved the bags itself. I had Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30, Aloe Vera gel, ring pop candy, hand sanitizers, tissues, gum, custom water labeled bottles, wet wipes, mints with our names on it, swirl candy with our monogram too... I'm sure I'm missing something, but the best part was "who is who" brochure we made. With everyone's picture and short description of who they are. Also, we had the welcome letters with our room number and the itinerary (some ppl still managed to forget to attend one of our events). I say, whatever you put in ur bags will be a hit. Nobody expected it, so it worked great. 5. The day after the wedding we rented La Barcaza from 10-30am to 2pm. It was the best decision I've made. Totally worth it. I loved doing it after the wedding, cause I was not worried ppl drinking too much and getting sick before the big day. The food on the boat was fantastic, the music, the scenery... everything went perfect. Worth every penny. 6. There're shows at the plaza every night, starting around 9. Some night they have live music on the beach or the lobby bar. The club opens at 10pm and goes on until 2am. It is sooo hot up there in the club that we could not dance for more that 30min without leaving the building. Still a great time, we always found things to do around the resort. The hardest thing was to get everyone together, some days I felt like a day care teacher LOL Overall, beautiful place. Oh, most of our guests had diarrhea (sorry for details), but it has nothing to do with bad food. Too much eating, plus drinking, plus the change of cuisine will do it to u One very important thing I forgot to mention... the wooded walkway in the fountain area belongs to Innovart and cost $1500 !!!!!!!!! Yep, I said screw u and walked down the isle from the left side of the fountain, and it was just as beautiful. It was my biggest disappointment when Claribel told me the news, but it all worked out great. Let me know if u have more Q.
  3. My dear fellow brides! I must tell you that our wedding @ Now Larimar was absolutely gorgeous and perfect! The resort is beautiful, the ocean is magnificent, the staff is so eager to please and despite all the concerns the food is good. Ladies if you have any questions, please ask me. I know how frustrating it gets to plan your wedding from so far away. No matter what, do not stress!!! Enjoy the most precious time of your life, which is the wedding planning, the time with your family and friend and ta-da... the wedding. Nothing can go wrong in the paradise surrounding by the ones you love the most. That is how it was with us Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. Oh, and get the best photographer to film it, of course Ours was Milan, from HDC - amazing that is all. Ask me anything, really. Cheers!
  4. Sarah, the planning is almost complete and we're leaving on Sunday Yay! I have not been in touch with Innovart, since we're bringing our own centerpieces, table runners and chair sashes, the rest I'm not worried about. We're staying at Now for 3 days after the wedding and then coming back home. I'm wanting to change our flights and move else where but still debating on the resort, so if any of you ladies have recommendations on honeymoon resorts - I'm all ears.
  5. Splenda! Congrats on booking and your upcoming wedding! Mine is in 2 weeks We're hiring DJ, but FI is pretty much going to tell him what to play LOL, for the rest of our activities we have our Ipods loaded with fun music, They do provide the equipment for $$$ if you decide on no DJ. I'm getting my hair&make-up done with owner of the spa (forgot her name), I'll give you the feedback once we come back to the States. Don't worry about the rooms, I hear that they can provide you with privacy screen of some sort. Good luck and happy planning!
  6. Ladies! I'm booking La Barcaza for our group next day after my wedding I'm so excited, since I only hear great things about it and this should be a nice treat for everyone.
  7. I apologize for the poor quality of the pics, ladies. The inspiration dress is Alfred Angelo 850, I choose a see-through lace on the corset. Very happy with the quality. I tried on the original dress at the salon, and this one is even better.
  8. To all of you ladies who have not decided on their dress maker - Jasmine's Bridal is absolutely amazing! I received my dress last week, but have been too busy to take photos for all of you. I should be able to do it in next few days. I was absolutely amazed with the quality of my dress and its beauty. I am on cloud nine and could not be any happier. The original dress is $1600 not including the alterations, Jasmine's charged me almost $600 and it was the best choice I've ever made. Communications were superb, customer service was outstanding. I highly recommend, especially if your inspirational dress is very detailed and costly. Cheers!
  9. Ladies! Would someone please email it to me. I am way far from 150 posts. Thank you!!!
  10. Sarah, that's a great idea to tell everyone the earlier time. It's too late for us, since my invites were out long time ago. I'll keep my fingers crossed and request everyone to be there 30 min early Moni, what email are you using for Claribel? I'm not one of those brides who emails them every day or every week. But when I do I expect a response.... so far it's been 5-6 days and no answer. Kinda rude on their part, especially because they haven't heard from me in few months.
  11. Omg Skygirl! That's awesome!!! My family and friends are flying from Moscow, the direct flight and no visa option were main reasons why I chose the DR. Our ceremony is at 4pm, dinner starts around 6/ 6-30pm, plenty of time to mingle and take photos in between. Remind me when is your wedding, mine is in 2 months (ahh time flew by so fast). Moni, I feel the same way and it probably happens to every bride, so much to do, so much to do Can you please share where you're getting the lanterns from, I know all of us interested now. Happy planning, ladies!
  12. Great thread! Will be using all the great ideas from you ladies. Vistaprint rocks! I ordered my wedding invitations, save the dates and everything is so much cheaper than other sites.
  13. Hello ladies! It's been a while... My wedding is 2 months away and ahh there's so so much to be done before we go. Moni, I hope your planning going smoothly and you're just as excited as I am. I'd love to do the sky lanterns too! Where would you purchase it? I'm bringing some colorful lanterns to decorate the ceiling, but the idea of all guests lighting it by the beach is fascinating! Vav, I can imagine how hard it is to coordinate everything between UK-US-DR. I'm having to do the same thing but only US-RUS-DR. Definitely not easy
  14. Love your dress! I ordered mine from Jasmine's Bridal as well, after debating between many out there. Their FB page speaks for itself, so hopefully your dress will fit like a glove I will post the pictures of mine once it's ready, so far they've only emailed me the lace arrangement. keeping my fingers crossed, that it'll be as perfect as all of the dresses they make. Please post some pics of you in it when you receive it.
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