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"New Resort Opening May 1 2011" NOW LARIMAR ~ PUNTA CANA

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Florian is the videographer that is on the now facebook page..... He's not bad.... I cant decide.... I'm still stuck between photo souvenir and HDC.....(it's a big added expense)(and even more to add with videography)  I have price sheets if anyone needs them....If we don't get the divine pack  It's almost impossible ti figure out how much everything will cost to breakdown a la carte with cocktail, dining, ceremony, entertainment etc..... I wish they made this part easier.  There are so many things I really don't need with the divine package.... but it almost feels easier to just pick it...HELP!

Deesanders the down payment for HDC I think is 20% through paypal

btw the resort photographer takes really nice candids....  who knows maybe I'll end up with both....Im giving myself till the weekend to decide:)


JB not sure about the DJ.... I really didnt ask who the DJ was .... I guess since my FI is a DJ and so are a lot of his friends(some that will be there) if the DJ sucks..... we can just use the equipment.... I need to make a call to claribel so Ill ask when I speak to her....or if anyone else hears first...post please;)


Deesanders.... I guess with the luggage tag idea....it can go both ways.... but If people respond there definitely not coming then....if there not family I dont think its a big deal not to send formal invite.  Family I prob still would...

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Hey ladies!

I have hardly been on in days, so many new posts!  We are having our big housewarming party this weekend, so my mind has been off wedding and on that.  It is so crazy, this party is bigger than our wedding.  We are having 100 people in our back yard! Yikes!


DeeSanders:I love the idea you have with the invitations and STD's.  I think that is the only way to do it.  They are so time consuming, I can't imagine doing 100 of them!  I think no one would be offended by doing it that way.  It is a good way to compromise with your FI.


JB: How nice of your sister to fund the dress! Where are you going to purchase? Where are you trying to sell the knock off? I am having not much luck selling my first dress.:( Did you get to see the bags? Were they left out in the rain? How crazy that is!


Jamie or MoniWoni: Do you guys have a phone number for Claribel?  And she said no substitutions?  Bummer, we don't need a photographer or a DJ.  I guess I just go with a lower package and a la carte things. 


Sarah: Any reviews from your people?

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MoniWoni and AcutieRN, Thanks for the advice... As far as dates that I am going to send on the luggage tag so I know if they are coming should I put as soon as possible RSVP so I can send them an invite as well or should I put an actual date on them??


AcutieRN... wow that sounds like a great turnout!! I hope you have fun and enjoy your weekend!!!

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Hey ladies, I just had a crazy 28 hours! My FMIL just had to go through an emergency surgery for her raptured colon. My FI is away for a 2 week military duty and I now basically have to take over my FMIL's household ( she basically is constantly on her hands and knees for my FFIL and FBIL!) and still take care of my 2 year old in the process! We are all in shock at how much goes into healing for this kind of procedure! She's going to be out of work for a few months, man just quite a change for all of us! Ofcourse we're all just relieved that she's ok. Whew!


Anyway, Acutie I finally got the bags, it basically looks tie-dyed now LOL so I will try to make another trip to the CTS asap and will let you know once I have the bags when I can send them out. Still holding on to your check and usps did cover it so wee're not loosing out on $ they admitted that it was their fault they missed it, I guess they said that it fell out of the truck when they were unloading and they didn't realize/ or saw it since it was in a pretty small box. Atleast they didn't give me a hard time about it, I came in with the reciept from the CTS so that helped a lot! Ok for the NYC trip, we might have to cancel :( but what can I do there are more pressing things going on right now. But I had an appointment with Lovely Bridal, they carry sarahseven, wanted to have a feel on the dress. Then another bridal shop in the city, but they're more like a discount place for signature brands-- can't think of their name for the moment though. By the way, if you don't mind sharing how much the a la carte would be and what you basically include in it I would appreciate it! Just so I can get an idea and be able to compare...


Deesanders, we basically did the same thing sending out about 100 STD's even to people we didn't think would come but I didn't ask for an RSVP I just put that option on our website and have gotten calls or texts from those who are interested. So for the invites I'm also making a separate one, I found a 50 pack that was on clearance at Michaels for about $8 and will send those out to the ones that we believe will not come. We just want to avoid sending out STD's then not sending out the formal Invites that could possible hurt their feelings. Just to give you another option, you can definitely find a lot store that has invite stationary on sale... even target would have them. Just a thought :)

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JB I am so sorry to hear about you FMIL but relieved to hear she is ok. Is the FFIL and FBIL helping out now or are the expecting you to do everything that your FMIL usually does?? I hope it all works out and she gets to feeling better.. was this all of a sudden??? Sorry I work in the medical field so of course I have to ask.


As for the dress, I am sorry to hear that you might have to cancel.. hopefully you can go soon.


Thanks for the advice on the invites. I am trying to figure that out now.. such a hard decision :(

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I don't know if any of you are interested but I found this on one of the forums.. Thought it was pretty cool if you are doing a welcome book or pre-travel brochure




The Dominican Republic has a total of eight international airports throughout the country. These include:
* Las Americas International Airport (serves Santo Domingo)
* La Romana International Airport
* Punta Cana International Airport
* El Catey International Airport (serves Samana)
* Gregorio Luperon International Airport (serves Puerto Plata)
* Santiago International Airport
* La Isabela International Airport (serves Santo Domingo)

Currently, American residents need to only provide a passport to gain re-entry into the United States following a trip to the Dominican Republic or any other Caribbean destination. For further information visit http://travel.state.gov/travel/cbpmc/cbpmc_2223.html.

Before entering the country at ports or airports, visitors are required to fill out embarkation/disembarkation forms. These must be filled out before entering the immigration line where a passport must be presented.

Prior to immigration, a tourist card must also be purchased. (See "Tourist Card.")

Tourist Card
Prior to entering the immigration line visitors are required to purchase a Tourist Card. It's essential that visitors have $10 US dollars for each member of their party with which to pay this tax. No coins or other currency, including Dominican pesos, can be used. In addition, ATMs are usually found only outside the immigration area making it nearly impossible for visitors to get cash upon arrival. Travelers cheques and credit cards are also not accepted.

Tourist Cards are available at booths near the immigration lines. While only one half of the document will be taken upon entry into the country, the other half will be taken upon departure. Therefore, it's imperative that visitors put this second half in a safe place for the duration of their trip. The Tourist Card is good for up to 30 days.


Electricity in the Dominican Republic operates at 110 Volts/60 Hertz as it does in the United States. Therefore, converters are not necessary. However, because voltage irregularities are common in the country - sometimes providing less voltage, sometimes surging - it is important that any appliances or computers you intend to use have surge protection.

Spanish is the official language of the Dominican Republic. Despite this, most employees in hotels and tourist destinations speak relatively good English. If visitors intend to venture out beyond the tourist hubs it will be helpful to learn a few basic Spanish phrases.

The local time zone is Eastern Caribbean Time (GMT -0400). In the winter this is one hour ahead of Eastern Time. The Dominican Republic does not observe daylight savings time.


The Dominican Republic enjoys warm tropical weather year round. Depending on the location, an average day may see full sun or a sun/cloud mix. The average year-round temperatures are 78 to 88 F. The cooler season is November through April while the temperature is at its warmest from May through October.

The Dominican peso is the official currency of the Dominican Republic. However, the U.S. dollar is accepted at most tourist establishments and is often preferred. Because the dollar is very strong in the country, American travelers can expect to find a good exchange rate. Currency may be exchanged at Casas de Cambio (general hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.), banks (general hours: 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Daily rates can be found at http://www.xe.com/ucc.

Major credit cards and travelers cheques are also accepted at most major tourist areas in the country. While ATMs are found in cities and at most resorts, they aren't as readily available in the Dominican Republic as they are in the states. To avoid carrying a large amount of cash (not recommended), travelers should bring a mix of payment options.

Drinking Age
The drinking age in the Dominican Republic is 18 years old.

Americans over age 25 can easily rent a car in the Dominican Republic as long as they have a valid driver's license. In fact, most of the popular rental agencies in the United States have offices in major cities in the Dominican Republic.

Medical Precautions
While the water is potable in many parts of the Dominican Republic, travelers are still advised to drink bottled water as a precaution. Bottled water is widely available throughout the country and because of the strength of the Caribbean sun, it is recommended that vacationers drink at least 10 glasses a day to avoid dehydration.

It is essential for travelers to the Dominican Republic to pack sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher, again, due to the strength of the Caribbean sun. In addition, for those traveling to jungle locales, mosquito repellent is strongly recommended.

Should a medical emergency occur during a stay most hotels and resorts have onsite medical care. In addition, emergency rooms are found throughout the country.

Private taxis can be hired at all airports and through major hotels. Visitors should always agree on a rate before getting into the taxi because not all vehicles are metered.

Most cellular phone companies offer service within the Dominican Republic. Telephones are widely available at resorts throughout the Dominican Republic. To call to the United States from the country, visitors need only dial an area code and phone number as they would at home.

Tipping is widely practiced throughout the country. While restaurants automatically add a 10 percent tip to the bill it's customary to give a bit extra - up to 10 percent additional. Tips are also given to taxi drivers, hotel maids (even at all-inclusives) and porters.

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Hey ladies, I just wanted to see if anyone would be interested to have their passport invites done by me... The same as what I have posted on here... I'm seriously starting my own business along with my sister and would really love to have different samples to put online. I won't charge an arm and a leg I promise! It would be close to atleast cover the supplies. PM me if you're interested!

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Hey Ladies!


My client emailed me today with a bunch of pictures.  They are on shutterfly. I am not sure how I can post the pics.  If you want to email me I will forward you the email from her and you can view them through shutterfly.   My email is sarahgn4t@att.net  She said the food was good and the service was ok.  I am going to find out more about that when I email her back.  My other client is in on the 30th so if I do not here back from her before then I will find out more then. JB- Can you send me a sample of your invite so I can see how it looks in person?  I will pay s&h and cost of product?? 

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