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  1. Skygirl I am kind of confused at your question? The wedding guide shows what flower bouquets are included in the divine package. The cake options I think are the same for every package. We went with a basic cake and added real flowers. I think we paid $5 a flower on the cake. We only got the cake for 25 people and it was plenty for 46 people. I made my own bouquet and so I was able to get two smaller bouquets for my bridesmaids for the swap of my bouquet. Let me know if I answered that incorrectly I am kind of confused on what you are asking! )
  2. If anyone has any questions please email me directly sarahgn4t@att.net It is hard to keep checking and figure out what questions have been answered and what help you may need still! I will say that I was so so stressed beforehand not having a wedding planner until the week before the wedding and nothing being confirmed from Claribel's mess but everything went perfect and they can make anything happen!! Please let me know what you need and I will make sure to put you at ease! Best of luck to all of you!
  3. I used Milan from HDC and I was very pleased with him and his services. There were a few pics that my husbands eyes were closed and they fixed it. My hair was blowing in the wind and he fixed it. There was light shining on my husband and dad in pictures from the dance floor that made them looked bruised and they fixed it. So I think as a company they are amazing. I want to say if you go with the largest package they offer ($1550? around there) you get everything. I had pics of getting ready ceremony reception tons of pics on the beach etc. This package included 6 hours of photography, all of y
  4. Here is the link to my photos from Milan at HDC! Great Job!! hdcphoto.com username: sarahandkevin password: nowlarimar
  5. Hey ladies!!!! Looks like Val has covered a lot of what I would have to say! Thanks for letting my fingers rest! Ha! Here are a few things I will add..... It rained the morning and afternoon of my wedding. I had to decide by noon where all of my events would take place. At noon it was down pouring. I freaked out a bit okay ALOT but like Val said Cristina helped me get through it. We decided to cross our fingers for the fountain ceremony and change our reception from the beach to castaways which I am so glad we did. The afternoon cleared up and the sun came out and it was gorgeous
  6. Hey ladies!!! I am still on my honeymoon so I will share more when I get back! I got to meet Val and her husband and they are beautiful people! Here is the link to my share site for photos. There should be a link to my photographer pics as well. If not the link is hdcphoto.com and username is sarahandkevin and password nowlarimar and my share site is http://smartwedding.shutterfly.com/#%26emid%3dsite_siteupdate%26cid%3dSHARE3SXXXX not sure if those will work! Everything went perfect! We will chat soon!!0
  7. Here is the contact to make spa and salon appointments ljubica.ivanic@gmail.com
  8. Hey Ladies!! One week till my wedding!! I leave Monday!!!! I started packing and I have way too much stuff!! Ha! I have stopped stressing so that is good news!! I have everything done that is important and figured if the rest doesn't get done oh well! Dj mania info@manniapuntacana.com Cristinas email weddings.serpc@secretsresorts.com I am having a tasting for food when I get there and the dj will drop off sparklers the day I get there so I can attach the matches and name cards to it before the big day. Cristina did email me a pic of the decor that is included with the walkway so if you want th
  9. Hey ladies! I went with HDC Photo and I found their prices seemed to be the best out there. I do remember seeing that somewhere as well that hotel transfer was included. I better figure that out by next week! Ha!!! Has anyone been on the Now Larimar website in awhile. I hadn't and recently did and they have so much more information on there that I had no idea was there!! It's been a few months since I have been on their website mostly because there was nothing to look at on there and now they have so many pics of ideas for cake and flowers and decor!! As far as the DJ goes I also hired D
  10. So not to make you all panic but Claribel is no longer working for the Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just posted a message on the other Now Larimar forum with some other details but I talked to my TA today and she said that is the reason why Claribel isn't responding! I can't decide if it is a blessing in disguise because she was terrible at responding or if everything I have done so far has been lost in translation. Make sure to doublecheck with Cristina on all of your important details. She didn't know I had pastor york confirmed and booked so that makes me nervous but nothing
  11. The plaza is in the front of the hotel right behind the lobby. I am sure it can be decorated very pretty but it is very plain. There are storefronts all around it and it is where the nightly performances are held. The restaurants are all surrounding the plaza. Not to be too blunt but it would not be one of my first choices as there is no privacy at all. Hope that helps. I spoke with my travel agent today and she told me the reason for the lack of response from Claribel is because she is no longer working at the Now!!!!!!!!!! I can not even believe it because my wedding is 3 weeks away an
  12. Katusha, Can you give me some numbers on how much everything else cost like any extras that you had? I don't want to be surprised when I get there!! Did you get the divine package? Did you feel it was worth the cost even though you hired an outside photographer?? Any other info and pics would be great!!
  13. I got price lists for HDC and Blue Lagoon Photography. I also received pricing from DJ Mannia. I was told by Claribel that the fee for bringing in outside vendors is $500 for DJ and $150 for Photogtapher. Not sure why the DJ is more expensive then the Photographer? I was comparing pricing for the photography package at the NOW and the package with HDC and it looks like the HDC package is cheaper than the hotel photographer? If you want these lists please email me at sarahgn4t@att.net Is the piece of wood from the Now or is that part of Innovart?
  14. Can someone tell me what the price is for the divine wedding package? I had the pdf file from 2011 somewhere on my computer and I can not seem to find it anywhere???? I know the website has the prices for 2012 I just want to see what the price difference is from this year to next year???? Is anyone planning on having a rehearsal dinner? We have 60 people going to our wedding so we are wanting to have a welcome dinner the night that everyone gets there but Claribel told me that we can not rent out a restaurant for the event? I am confused on where we are suppose to have it then if we have
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