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I finally LOVE high heels

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So, some of you that will read this will think I am totally wacko because I have only discovered this now...


I hardly wear high heel shoes, theonly ones I wear with a heel are boots.  I'm attending a wedding next week, and must of bought about 3-4 pairs of shoes....well - none would stay on my foot. Practiced walking in them to get a better hang of the high heel walking trade.  Nope, nothing; they keep going off my heel like a flipping flip flop LOL ...


So today, I'm back at the store and I say to the guy...what's the matter with your shoes? They just won't stay on.. so he says: Lady... do you wear sneakers most of the time? I say " yes".  So he takes out these foam inserts and says; put this in, and you're  supermodel on the runway.... $5 and problem solved.


Now, he couldn't tell me this before I spent $200 on shoes at his store or what???? I have always loved high heels but was never to walk in those pretty ones.... NOW - I have 4 pairs of brand new shoes and I'm going to wear the heck out of them :)



The only person I feel sorry for now is my FI... He is going to have to make space in the closet for all the shoes I'll be buying..

I simply cannot believe it took me all these years to find these miracle foam inserts:)

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high heel inserts? what? i absolutly cannot wear high heels but i love them. i have over 10 pairs (no joke) that have never been worn!!!! im going to buy these inserts right away!!!! you have changed my life. (well i hope so if the inserts work for me)

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