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BLOG - Palm Trees, Lacey Romance, Coconuts, Seashells and Paisley!

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That's right - oodles of shout-outs to give and I need to do it quick like because I know we'll have another wedding blog next week full of this Saturday's photos :).
  The biggest, hugest (is a word, if I say so ;)) shout-out goes to Amy who tied the knot waaaaaaaay back January 15th but I had to wait ages to get her photos :).   Amy%2BJones%2B%25281%2529.JPG     Congratulations to Claudia & John who said "yes yes yes" January 29th in Puerto Morelos with a little lacy romance going on - I really like this combination - was completely different from anything we've done before :).   la%2Bfoto%2B%25286%2529.JPG     Shout-out to Sharon & Bret (knot tied February 4 at Playa Fiesta) who has the funnest sense of humor - notice their initials on their coconuts - hahaha - cracks me up just looking at it again.... la%2Bfoto%2B%25288%2529.JPG   Congratulations to Lindsay who said "Absolutely!" Feb 5th at The Tides in Zihuatanejo. We tried several versions of these seashells before finding the one that was just right!   IMG_2886.JPG   And a warm shout-out to Valerie who said "i do" February 6th at the Excellence Playa Mujeres Resort and a big thank you to her hotel coordinator, Yamina Bermudez, who went way beyond the call of duty and helped us out with a minor shipping issue!   la%2Bfoto%2B%25283%2529.JPG     Couple more shout-outs coming up my sweet brides and then it's time for Ghadeer & Pancho's wedding this Saturday! Just feels like the time is flying past :).

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