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Jamaican Lang

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is anyone else puting jamaican lang translation in OOT bags for this guests? Or have done this if so please share below is what i have so far



The dominant language in Jamaica is English. But almost all the Jamaicans are bi-lingual. Jamaican slang is an amalgamation of English and African languages. The Jamaican slang which is the native language is called "patois" and is spoken all over Jamaica by almost all the Jamaicans. Patois also includes the influences of the language of the original Arawak people. The Jamaican slang is a delightful language pleasing to the ear. But it is very confusing.

Jamaican slang-patois comes from the word "Patwa". It also has other names like Afro-Jamaican, Jamaican or Creole. "Ungrammatical English" is the most recent name that Jamaican slang has gained. Jamaica from the ancient times has been the melting pot of different cultures from all over the world. People from different countries have landed on the Jamaican soil and have settled down and have become Jamaicans over the ages. Thus Jamaica has a rich cultural heritage that is reflected in the native Jamaican language-Patois. Also colonization has left its mark on the native language of Jamaica and Jamaican slang contains English ingredients.

Jamaican Slang is often referred to as "Bad" or "Broken English" and is the local language of Jamaica. The Jamaican slang is known as "English-lexicon" and came into being when the African slaves began using a base form of English as means of communication. It has become what came to be known as Jamaican slang which is considered an inferior form of English. Though the Language retains the characteristics of the languages that have made it up, it also has its own features. The old-fashioned expressions and turn of phrase is called "Bungo talk".

The local patois is a very flexible language and is widely used by the Jamaicans. Though English forms the official language of Jamaica the Jamaican slang still retains its African flavor.

Mi lub yu kyaan done. (My love for you canâ€t end.)


Anyone: Mon. Mon can represent every person in Jamaica—man, woman, and child.

Beer:  Bare

Boy: Bwoy (b-why) male or female

Canâ€t:  Kyaan

Care:  Kya (Key-a). Mi nuh kya (I donâ€t care).

Eat: Nyam (nee-ahm).  Mek wi nyam. (Letâ€s eat.)

Getting together: Link up.  Mi link yu up layta. (Iâ€ll get with you later.)

                Girl or chick: Shorty

God Bless : Jah Lord

Goodbye: Lickle more

Gratitude: Give tanks

Husband – Usband

Mi nuh kya (I donâ€t care).

I: I-man or  I-mon – Refers to the self. I-man waan dat. (I want that).

I am:  Iâ€m

Kidding: Jester, Mi naa jesta. ( Iâ€m not kidding.)

Mek wi nyam. (Letâ€s eat.)

Mi link yu up layta. (Iâ€ll get with you later.)

Love:  Lhub

Marijuana: Ganja

Marijuana Cigarette: Spiff

Sex: Slam, Slap, or Work.

Sexual Attractive:  Ready (to describe woman only)

Smile: Skin teet

Thanks: Tanks



Mi nuh kya (I donâ€t care).

 Mi link yu up layta. (Iâ€ll get with you later.)

(I want that). I-man waan dat.

Mek wi nyam. (Letâ€s eat.)


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Thanks! Wherever you are, you must be reading my mind lol. I'm working on Welcome books & was googling for patois phrases. If I find something new I'll be sure to come back & share!

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ok sounds good! what else are you including?  I putting a map of Jam, negril, resort, wedding sch, sch of activites planned. I wanted to find more phrase in patios let me know =)

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I'm including  a map of Jamaica, map of Negril, itinerary, patois phrases, optional excursions, money exchange chart, places to eat, chart w/everyone's room number and some other things I can't remember at the moment, lol. I'll be working on them this weekend.

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