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Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas 2011 Wedding

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Hi Ladies!


So I haven't been extremely active lately (work has been INSANE), but I am leaving tomorrow and my wedding is on the 10th. I'm getting excited! Thanks to everyone that has given me information-it kept me more sane! I will definitely post a review when I get back :)

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Hey Crys/Crys Mom!


Ok, just a few questions: Was is really windy there?  Just wondering since I need to figure out if I want to buy real tea lights, or the ones with batteries.  No use in buying the real ones if they won't stay lit.


Also, I would like to hang lanterns on the light strings that they will hang for me.  Do you see any issues with this? 


And lastly, since I am having my dinner poolside, do you know if they will use the pool bar for my dinner?  I would imagine so...Thanks for the info on how close the other bar is to the pool area.  I don't see a lot of my guests drinking liquor anyways, so I don't mind sending them up a few flights to get mixed drinks since wine and beer are included in my dinner price. I will definitely tip the waiters if they want to be our runners too!  Am I correct in my thoughts that if I chose to pay the $15.00 per person for open bar that all I am really paying for is the liquor since the dinners already come with beer, wine and pop?



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You ladies are a life saver!  The reviews and pointers on this thread have been AMAZINGLY helpful (the more rambling the better!).  I'm getting married April 21, 2012 - and I am also getting the "don't contact us until 2 months before your event" and getting the planning jitters.  Do any of you still have the checklist you can send me?


Crys - your wedding looked beautiful!  It looks like one of the brochure pictures on Riu's website so it makes me optimistic that REAL weddings are as gorgeous as I'm hoping - yay!


I do have a few questions:

1. I was hoping on doing an informal 'welcome party' for guests a few nights before the wedding.  I love the idea of a bonfire on the beach but I read somewhere that the Riu was no longer doing that.  Any other ideas/suggestions?

2. Did any of you use the Riu photographers/videographers?  Several of the outside photographers have already been booked out for April! 

3. How did the welcome basket at check-in work?  Did you know when all the guests were arriving and meet them?  Or did Riu hand them out for you?


Looking forward to seeing more pictures and reviews of your events!

Congrats to you all!!

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Ok ladies, I'm home!!!

We are constantly posting new pics on our website.

So many cameras.


The wedding was AMAZING!!!

So many details, I don't know where to begin. May need to break this up into multiple threads.

Arrived on wed 11/2. Met with WC Adriana and the in house photo agent on 11/3 @ 9:30am, they were very detailed, we had no worries, so we had my mani and pedi and couples massage this day since included in Caprice package.

Also, I could not hold back on all the free food and alcohol, it was amazing that I fit in my dress.

11/4 Had trial makeup, such an amazing job, better than everyone in the states did. We were given the option to a rehearsal before the dinner but we actually opted not to b/c we only had 2 bridesmaids and groomsmen and the explanation of the ceremony was so detailed we didnt need it.

I had my hair and makeup done at the resort, I loved both (look at website pics to see) hair at 1pm, makeup at 2pm wedding at 4 pm, no rushing at all.


We lucked out on having an officiant that spoke english and had a great sense of humor. Our suite was 3030, the dome with the jacuzzi, which is on the best side of the resort view wise, but opposite of the San Jose gazebo so I walked in flip flops but switched to my heels. There are 2 options to get to the alter, 1 walking down a VERY long ramp but it is straight down to the aisle. 2 come from the side, no ramp and just turn down the aisle. I chose 1, it is very intimidating but looks by far the best, highly recommend. 

We had a sand ceremony which was very nice.  Ceremony lasted approx 20 min.


We hired the photographer for only 2 hrs to save money and it worked perfectly. He was there 15 min early to take pics of family as they arrived at the gazebo (my friends were with me to take pics of us as we got ready) Photographer Mauricio (Mao) was amazing, our friend used a FLIP video camera to record and the pic and sound are amazing, looks professional.  Photographer took all family and friends and bridal party pics (over 400) in 2 hrs. The sun was then set after this and the reception was starting and by then the family and friends have all the picture taking under control, no one needed to be designated, pictures were taken at every moment, funny but the guys were better at it cause the girls are dancing. Dinner started as soon as we sat down 6:30


At Steak house terrace below the steak house. I wouldnt want the steak house b/c even if you have enough people for them to close the restaurant, it is so large you need over 100 ppl to fill it and it is very spread out, it doesnt look natural. I LOVED the terrace and the beach together, very private and spacious, only people I saw outside our wedding group we people looking down from the steak house restaurant to the dance floor as we danced but that was b/c we had such an amazing group dancing they HAD to be jealous. Dinner was delicious, desert even better, cake beautiful and tasted great!!

We opted to pay for a Mexican/Spanish coffee table to show off the fire show but this actually wasnt needed since they do the show for the dessert but people like the coffee.

We also decided not to have an open bar which I was really worried about b/c our friends and family live off alcohol more than food but it was perfect. We asked the wait staff to get us anything and that we would take care of them and they more than took care of us. They were absolutely AMAZING!!!! We saved $600 for an open bar so we tipped them $250 instead b/c they were that good!!!! YOU NEED TO ASK FOR WILLIAM (WILLY) he normally works at the Mexican restaurant but we needed a waiter that would MC for the DJ, just to announce stuff (dances, cake, last call) He spoke english and has a great personality, we had him on the dance floor with us, he got everyone drinks, he was fantastic, he loved us too, asked our families all week "where are Michelle and Greg, and do you need more tequila"


Only wedding glitch was my ipod crapped out and I insisted on only my playlist, me and my friends love OUR music. Greg forgot the 2nd ipod in the safe, and the safe key in his friends room so we used my iPhone which doesnt have crossfade, but no one notices that but me. Dinner ran a little longer than I timed so my music had to be cut short, the DJ let me pick songs to cut out and Willy allowed us to go a few   minutes longer to finish all our songs.

The DJ lighting is beautiful on the palm trees, the music volume was GREAT, we thought they would control the volume since people were eating dinner above but it was so loud and we were even louder with our singing and no one came to quite us. The music did though blow a fuse, all lights and music shout off but for less than a minute and we took it as a compliment that we over did the resort, no complaints.

Ask for cocktail tables if dancing on the beach so you can put drinks down, they were used but I had to request them

Dance floor about 10 feet from terrace so had to walk in sand to get there. Dance floor very sturdy, kind of an eyesore but since its on the beach, kind of matches the sand and most people are happy a dance floor is put in the sand so again, no one complained.

They get rid of you pretty quick to clean up so we originally planned to go to nightclub there but most the songs we had are just replayed at club so just went up to 24hr bar.


Room decorated beautifully with champagne too. Breakfast in bed was a COMPLETE joke, just go down to buffet.

Resort drinks were never hard to find, we had no complaints about anything at this resort, food is good but not without flaws, but there is soooo much to chose from your plate will always be full, even if your not hungry.

We ziplined, AWESOME, use Cabo Adventures, and we snorkeled.


1 MAJOR DOWNFALL, but this is not about the wedding.....last day, checking out, I forgot my wallet, went back to room right away and it wasn't there but neither was the tip we left for the maid. Went to nearest maid to our room and asked her if she saw it, NO, brought her to our room to make sure she knew what room we were talking about, and NO, showed her a wallet to make sure she knew what we were looking for and NO. My HUSBAND (hehe) thought something was suspicious and asked her to empty her pockets. She acted like she was taking everything out and only pulled out pesos, he saw more bulk in her pockets and asked again to empty her pockets, she said "no this is all", he went and forced his way in her pocket (normally he would never do this) and THERE IT WAS!!! She had my wallet!!!! I tried to report this on the phone with her there but the person on the other line wanted to talk to her and of course all you get is "NO COMPREHENDO" so I left and went to the front desk and told them in person. Her name is ANA, hopefully she was fired but I had a plane to catch so all I could do was write a report. No other theft happened besides my friend left her camera to go to the bathroom and by the time she got back, we all left the wedding area and the camera was gone but we can't blame that on anyone specific.






THIS IS ALL MY BRAIN CAN THINK OF NOW, any questions you can think of feel free to ask.

Weather was perfect by the way!!


Michelle Talarico

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Didn't know or see any bonfires.

We had welcome bags given to all guests at check in. Have a list for what guests come which day to give them. The resort was very good at getting them to the guests.

I LOVED our photographer. But all you get is book mailed to you and a CD, but the CD was ready the  Wednesday after the wedding (Saturday) so very nice to have it that quickly.

I also recommend the salon, they were so good, better than the trial places I went to in the states.


Check photos @ our website www.gregtalarico.com/wedding

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Hi Katie!


Congrats on your engagement! 

I am getting married at the RIU on 5-12-12.

I do have a checklist and some other stuff that you may find helpful.  Send me an e-mail to kary_przybylo@hotmail.com (underscore btw my first and last name) and i will forward you what I have. 


I am using Marcel of Glez Photography.  I don't think he usually covers weddings, but I happended to find him and he looks great.  I know he never shot at the Riu before, but I am excited to use him. 


As for the welcome party, I havent really heard of brides having them, but let me know if you find anything out.


Good luck planning!


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HI Michelle!


Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I really want to view your pics, but the link it takes me to just has icons...like Facebook and ebay ect.  Are you sure you posted the right link, or is there something else I need to do to view them?





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