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  1. Cedrick was transfered out of country so we had his replacement who was awesome. sorry I do not recall his name right now. We did the same as you are thinking and ended up just going with our playlist on our Ipod...turned out great. Did I mention they had a wireless microphone for our MC to use. Made it fun as he was able to walk around a bring the mic to guests for little speeches. Great for those who don't like to get up in front of the crowd
  2. no fee if your photographer "happens" to be a wedding guest Possibly staying at the same resort or another resort on a day pass. This will not work if the photograper is a local
  3. We used the RIU DJ and were very happy with him...it is a company that has a contract with the RIU and they have a few employees so I cannot say if you would get the same fellow as us. The WC should be able to supply you with a email contact address for you to talk with them directly and answer what ever question you have. Below is the email address I have for them ckaelin@PSAV.COM
  4. good luck with the open bar response let us know how that turns out...just a fair warning you should clarify the answer as they say one thing and really mean something different ...or even leave out exact details. We found if you don't ask and clarify...they don't tell. (until it is too late) seriously I would hate for you to be disappointed come the day
  5. awesome Michelle...CONGRATUALTIONS...now enjoy married life as Mr and Mrs. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. Congratulations remember Relax, Enjoy, Be Happy Have an AWESOME time
  7. We were told that to use outside vendors there would be an extra cost...if I remember correctly it was $300.00 per vendor. My mom was a florist and wanted to do my flowers but we were told to buy fresh flowers down there would be using an outside vendor and thus the extra fee. If you do it would depend on the florist if they deliver or not...but you would have an outside vendor charge definitley. For our reception we brought with us our own silk flower arrangements (no fee as no vendor used) Will they hold a delivery for you? Don't know about this. I would be concerned about it arriving in time or getting lost in mexican la la land. Better to pay extra baggage on plane and take with you
  8. One note: The DJ did not MC for us as we had our own MC...but if we needed the DJ to MC he would have. Also they provided a wireless microphone ...absolutely no problems with sound
  9. yes he did speak english well. He played a mixture of ours and his. We provided him with a Itouch of songs he looked through it and selected some and added some of his that he flet kept with our taste. He was sure to include specific songs my husband pointed out to him that we definitely wanted. You can give him songs on a Ipod or Itouch as we did or provide him with a song list prior to the wedding so that he can make sure he has it. Or just give him your preference of style (although you take your chances not being specific) Our group pretty much did our own thing he didn't need to get us going.... there was nice music playing when we arrived at the reception (It was nice. I didn't pay attention to what it was, just know it was nice) again pleasant music for dinner and then when we were ready to dance he kicked it up a notch and sort of winged it I guess. It all worked out great. We were very happy with the DJ and highly recommend them. Actually the one area we did not worry about. hope this helps. Mom and I are so glad that we can help answer some of the questions that everyone has. It was so stressful for us trying to plan something with never being there. Hopefully our answers will help. Please ask and if we know we will tell. remember it does hold true..."In the end it all comes together and your wedding will turn out beautifully" Quote: Originally Posted by mishele81 Hey Crys, I think I may have asked you about the DJ earlier, but can you elaborate a little more on him. Did he speak english well? Did he get the crowd going? What kind of music did he play? Can you give him some music to play? We are from small town Alberta and I like country music and was wondering if it will be difficult to get him to play some of the popular country two stepping songs? Any details will be greatly appreciated ! Did your guests dance a lot? Thanks Crys xo
  10. Kary...sorry meant to say the tables are not set up the same in this picture ...that bar has it's tables in front of the entertainment stage. sorry for the type-O...long day at work
  11. Michelle Here is a picture of the bar I call the piano bar. This one is right off the lobby. very quiet, over looks the resort and ocean...this is where we had our guests meet for cocktail hour (free) If your wedding is at 4 and about 30 min long that brings you to 4:30. The rest of the resort guests will be in their rooms getting ready for dinner so it should be quiet for cocktail hour (can't guarantee of course but it makes sense ...no?) I can only say it was like that for us. Kary, The bar and stools are the same style as the one I told you that is one flight up from the pool. The tables are is not the same at that one though those tables are in front of the entertainment stage. Still looking for a picture of it for you. Crys' mom
  12. There is no actual beach bar. The closest bars to the beach are at the pools and they close around dinner time. Then its the two on the same level as the entertainment stage two filghts up from the beach and the one off the main lobby3 flights up from the beach (I call this one the piano bar it also has pool tables)
  13. It is an actual bar... actually there are two there First I would try to figure out which side of the pool they will set you up. If they say next to the pool bar then it is only one flight up to the next bar. That bar has stools around it and also table close by. But your guests can see your party from that bar and will come right back because they want to be with you and celebrate. If they tell you it is on the other side of the pool then it is only a matter of walking around the pool and up the stairs. Seriously not far to go. We were two flights down and had no problem at all with guests going back and forth...and like I said our waiters ended up doing it for tips. Crys' mom
  14. I wouldn't do the cocktail hour... there is no need. We just had all our guests meet us in the piano bar (this is the main bar right next to the reception desk) It looks over the ocean..and it's free. When we were there it was always empty but for maybe 6 other resort guests. We found this to be the quietest location and is very large. Lots of tables and a bar with stools...couple of bar tenders and a waitress or 2 depending on the time of day. Seriously once you get there you will find that all of the bars are not that far from any place you want to go. bars are just a staircase away and around a corner from the restaurants...the furthest restaurant is San Jose and that is only maybe 3 minutes from anywhere.
  15. Michey, mud slide, superman, caribbean orange were good drinks Sorry there were so many with the same name LOL the name Julio stands out...LOL WOW getting married tomorrow ...Have an awesome day tomorrow that's the day that counts...the rest is only for show...have a GREAT trip...enjoy and relax Congratulations
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