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The Hard Rock Punta Cana

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#131 ginamapi

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    Posted 22 December 2011 - 10:18 AM

    Its all food and alchol.. its top shelf but in the DR top shelf is like absolut.. not grey goose. they dont even have that there hahah.so its like rack to mid level alcohol. :)

    #132 Hildalin

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      Posted 22 December 2011 - 10:26 AM

      Gina I will be having the 75 nights booked ( thank Goodness) and I feel the same I would like to go a little extra with decor.. can you tell me more or less what's available as extra decor? like I am trying to go with a chic romantic look but DONT want to break the bank either.. can you let me know more or less? thanks!!

      #133 Vane23

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        Posted 22 December 2011 - 10:47 AM

        Thanks Gina!

        Just curious, I figured top shelf wouldn't be the same as here in the U.S. :)

        I still have not heard from a wedding planner so I'm going in March to do the onsite inspection and actually speak to someone! Are you getting all your decorations from the resort? I spoke to someone who recently got married there and she ended up bringing a lot from here because of the prices they charge. None the less her wedding was absolutely amazing! If you'd like I can give you her photographers name on facebook and you'll see her amazing pics!


        Thanks again!

        #134 vinarum

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          Posted 22 December 2011 - 08:07 PM

          my wedding is slowly arriving and we still have so much to do. Our wedding coordinator will contacting us mid-january...time flew. i was wondering if anyone knew what the process was. My fiance n i both have never been to the resort and we will not be doing a site inspection. from the looks of it, we sill have to have the private functions. will the wedding coordinator call or email us? any recommendations to where the reception should be held? im not really feeling the photographer that hard rock uses, any suggestions? so many decisions left to make......feeling stress now

          #135 Tatiana

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            Posted 26 December 2011 - 05:30 AM

            I´m doing a site visit staying at HRH on feb 25/28 is there any wedding on those days? does anyone have any idea of groups discounts or costs per room per person? I´m getting married in october 2012 :)

            #136 ginamapi

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              Posted 27 December 2011 - 08:19 AM

              Hi Girls!


              HILDALIN- My parents were in DR last month and went to the hotel and got a lot figured out for me. I know we ar getting the white lounge fruniture from creative punta cana for both the welcome party on the rooftop terrace near the beach and for the reception inthe ballroom and they said it really wasnt expensive at all and then for the reception ,which is in the ballroom, since i didnt want to deal with the heat for the reception or chance it with the rain, we are draping the whole place with white linens and uplighting and i think those were alittle more pricey but since we were saving ont he food and drinkwe just went for it. For the centerpiced i wnt lots of candles so we started buying them and paling on bringing alot down becasue i think those get pricey so the less we have to get fromt he resort the better. We are also bringing our own overlays down since fabric in NYC is so cheap. Im maikng all the menus myself and bringing those down and bringing chincese laterns for the cocktail hou (at eden pool ) down my self as well. I think some things from Hard Rock are reasoanble and toehrs are soo expensive! Its weird!


              VANE23-Would loveeee to see pics of your friends wedding!


              VINARUM- We went and saw all the options so hers alittle expalnation of them- There is the roof top terraces by the beach. they are really big and overlook the pools and the ocean and are great choices for an outdoor reception or welcome party (we are doing out door welcome party at the terrace by the beach,. the ceremony ont he beach at the far left of the resort since it had a long aisle, the cocktail hour at the edne pool since its soo gorgeous and private and then we decided to do the reception inside since one of the nights we were there it was sooo hot and all i kept thinking was if this was my weddig night id be ,elting and i cant see anyone wantsing to dance.. plus if it rains after 12p and you decide to keep you wedding outdoors and it rains later that night there is no plan B, your wedding is inthe rain and i didnt want to cahnce it and figured air conditioning for the main part of the reception would be good for everyone including my hair and makeup hahah). So there is also the sax pool wich is a half cirlce pool ares that you can do the reception or welcome party at and there is the eden poo which i love. or you can do it int he ballroom.


              As for photographers we went with Michael Stiengard. I am a photographer so i am extremely picky about this and his style is exactly what i wanted and he is resaonble. $2500 for full day of shooting, plus a trash the dress session, and the CD with all the edited pcitures. Look him up, his blog has some amazing pics on it. Plus he normally books a ton of weddings down there so you dont have to pay for his accomodations.


              TATIANA- Our group rate for the hotel is $172 per person per night for the standard room. We booked our trip through Endless Travel so she handled all the details. If you want thier number let me know. She's great and is handiling everything for us.

              #137 Vane23

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                Posted 27 December 2011 - 10:32 AM

                Sure! His name is Lysander Clase-Photography, He's on facebook, and the album is titled "Wedding" in his photos.


                The videographer she used is named Roberto Concepcion Photography, He's on facebook as well and you will find her video titled " Jadelyn & Randy" If you don't find him you can look him up under my friends list. I"m under Vanessa Sotomayor


                I can't wait to go in March and actually meet someone! I feel like I'm at a stand still right now. But like you I'm prob going to be bringing much of the decor from here. This girl actually ended up sending 8 boxes from here to DR. I guess when I go I will have to decide what I will be bringing and what I will be getting from the resort!


                Happy Planning!

                #138 ginamapi

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                  Posted 28 December 2011 - 11:02 AM

                  Awesome! The pics are great! Love her shoes and the dress and the tables. Everything was so pretty... I can't wait!!!

                  #139 ToyaToyaToya

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                    Posted 28 December 2011 - 12:31 PM

                    @Brit Your Pics were awesome!!! I think i'm going to move forward with HDC as well. Do they touch up the pics before they send them to you? Did you do a trash the dress session? Also, how big is the covered area on the Element Terrace? Do you think I'd be able to fit all of the tables (for 75 ppl) and a light up dance floor? we'd just have the lounge decor and beds arranged around the outdoor portion of the terrace.


                    @Gina I want to bring my own overlays as well (thinking pink rosettes). Have you found any good linen rental places in NYC? i've just been looking online but I'd love to use someone local. Also, did you finalize your menu yet? i want to print menu cards as well, but am nervous abut finalizing food options without tasting any of it. 


                    @Vane your friend's pics are amazing! thanks for sharing. I"ll def need to bring a lot of decorations with me as well, but i was told the resort will not accept packages sent before the wedding. Did your friend take all of her decor with her on the plane?

                    Toya and Jared
                    Hard Rock Punta Cana
                    May 19, 2012!!!

                    #140 Hildalin

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                      Posted 29 December 2011 - 09:46 AM

                       Hello Ladies! I dont know if anyone has the answer to this, but if we choose to do the reception outdoors like terrace ec. can I have it until late due to the noise level? or would I have to do it in the ballroom to stay later?

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