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  1. Hello I'm selling my white by vera wang wedding dress: description: Georgette Mermaid Gown with Dramatic Organza Skirt Size 14 street size 12 Worn only once. Like new price is negotiable, will ship for free within the U.S. I have attached pictures, any more information please feel free to contact me at vsotomayor23@gmail.com
  2. Hi! Thank you! I actually brought my own photographer, should be getting my pictures by the end of this month, but if you want to add me on Facebook I have some pictures there! Here's my page: http://www.facebook.com/VaneMua23
  3. Hi! My video was done by Mibsan Espejo, I originally hired Jochy Fersobe for video and photo and turned out to be a complete disaster, I hired him to do my wedding and last minute I was told his crew would be doing it, finally they cancelled on me last minute after much arguing and I was able to find him last minute! I couldn't have made a better decision, he was less in price and did an absolutely amazing job! I should have my whole video this month:) Here's his Fb page & email http://www.facebook.com/mibsan.espejo?ref=ts&fref=ts info@mibsanespejo.com
  4. I know crazy! I almost didn't even get my deposit back My videographer is Mibsan Espejo he doesn't have a website but you can add him on facebook. He only stayed one night and covered the whole wedding from me getting ready to the end of the reception
  5. Do not use Jochy Fersobe! I contracted him at first and they gave me a whole run around after I gave them a deposit, they told me it was one price at first and then they said that he would not come himself but he sends his crew. If I want him to do it it's wayyy more! I had a feeling that he had booked two things on the same day, and I was being stubborn and I got annoyed at them so still said I wanted to use his services but with him attending the wedding because that is what I requested since the beginning and I even forwarded them emails saying that specifically. They gave me the run around till about a month before my wedding where I had to call them numerous times and actually send a family member that lives in Santo Domingo to their office to get an answer. They basically cancelled on me, 3 weeks before my wedding my cousin found me this amazing videographer for wayyy less! I loved working with him and he is on point with everything, he even send me a few pics he took that day.
  6. Hey ladies!! I got married on October 12, 2012 at HRPC! Everything was amazing! I don't have my professional pictures but if you'd like to add me on FB I have some pictures there and here is a link to our same day edit video! Enjoy! Any questions please feel free to ask! http://www.facebook.com/vane0723
  7. Beautiful Pictures!!! Question Did HRPC provide the cake? Did you bring your own decor for the cake? They are telling me they can only give me a plain cake with white icing? Were you in contact with Creative Punta Cana yourself? Or did you go through your WC? Thank you so much for you review! So helpful! I'm getting married on October 12, of this year and the communication is horrible!! Thanks again!
  8. I'm so bummed I didn't see this earlier! I'm going to take my chances and check my old navy store! I absolutely loveeee Them!!! Thanks so much for sharing!
  9. Oh no I'm sorry to hear that! Which refund are you having a hard time receiving? For your complimentary nights?
  10. If anyone's interested, I'm posting my travel agents info, She is absolutely great! She got us excellent rates for our wedding in October, and she was able to get the unlimited functions and complimentary nights! I communicate with her on a daily basis! Carolyn Marra Honeymoon/Destination Wedding Specialist Clarkstown Travel Services 100 Lake Road, Suite 2 Congers, NY 10920 845-268-2525 845-268-2719 (fax) cts10956@verizon.net www.clarkstowntravel.com
  11. Wow this is such an awesome thread!! Very helpful! Can anyone forward me the templates to my email, I haven't reached the required amount of posts to open the template =( vsotomayor23@gmail.com Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hi! Is your quote $250 per night for double occupancy? Or is $250 per person /per night? I was having an issue when first booking because it was a little unclear.
  13. Does anyone know what's the difference in ballrooms? Is one nicer than the other, or location, or is all a matter of size? Thanks a bunch! Vanessa
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