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  1. Hi Lona, I did hear back from Mayte, it did take sometime though. I have not booked my date as I cannot decide between Jellyfish and Kukua, I plan to go down in March and hopefully decide and book on the spot.
  2. Hello Ladies please send me ANY info on these resorts the Barcelo and the Bahia principe.. my email address is hildalin.rojas@ms.com Right now we are considering holding our reception in Kukua Beach club, and probably just hold a welcome dinner with our guests at the resort.. These resorts are all beautiful and would love to hold the wedding there, but at the same time I dont like the fact that some are not letting us decide, and do what we want, i want to be free to have any outside vendors, until whatever time I want etc. these two resorts are within walking distance to Kukua, also can you please send me the Contacts for each.. thanks,
  3. Hello Ladies I too am very concerned about the group rates for both these resorts ( gran Bahia and bavaro palace deluxe) anyone have recent rates for 2013 ( june 2013 ) thanks in advance, or a contact email adrress will work also
  4. Hello I am trying to book my June 2013 wedding, and have a couple questions.. what hotels are u ladies using for your guests? I am trying to find the best deals for the guets but dont want to too far either, help? also what is the transportation to the Jelly fish like from these resorts?
  5. Hello Ladies, I am looking for a resort for our June 2013 wedding and I CANNOT make up my mind.. what is the best email to contact the wedding coordinators? has anyone received quotes for the rooms for the guests, this is a big factor for us. Anything information will be helpful as I have none!!!!!!!!! thanks,
  6. Thank you SO much for the info, I have sent her an email... now to wait on her response
  7. Hello ladies I am new here and have soo many questions.. I am looking for either Feb/March 2013 wedding..I was originially going with the hard rock but thinking about changing my mind, jelly fish seems more for us.. we want to party all night no restrictions.. LOl first I need to know what is the best way to contact Mayte? and I would like to bring my own dj does anyone know if this is possible? also photagraphers, videographers? can you bring anyone?
  8. Hello Ladies! I dont know if anyone has the answer to this, but if we choose to do the reception outdoors like terrace ec. can I have it until late due to the noise level? or would I have to do it in the ballroom to stay later?
  9. Gina I will be having the 75 nights booked ( thank Goodness) and I feel the same I would like to go a little extra with decor.. can you tell me more or less what's available as extra decor? like I am trying to go with a chic romantic look but DONT want to break the bank either.. can you let me know more or less? thanks!!
  10. as for me I was going back and forth with both what helped me make my decision was the fact the hardrock gives u great group rates for the guests, as the Paradisus does not, they are very strict with their room rates! that was a deal breaker for me instantly! Good Luck!
  11. Hello Everyone!!! I just got my contract for our July 2013 wedding at the HRC. Wanted to hear any insights on brides that have been married or been there for the site inspection. I plan to go in April, for my site inspection and I swear I cant wait.. my concern is the photographer and video, does anyone know who they use for this??? thanks!
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