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Raffia Fan Programs, Place Settings/Candle Holders , Chair Ribbons & Guest Book w/ Pics

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RAFFIA FANS: For our ceremony, I set out raffia fan programs. I purchased the fans from orientaltrading and wrapped the handles with ribbon. I printed the program onto Vellum paper and then glued it to nice ivory paper and attached it through 2 holes I punched with a hole puncher. These were a last minute add and were cute and very easy to do!   I am now selling:

            -          Raffia Fans- $.75 each. I have 25 total ...10 are wrapped with pink ribbon and 15 are bare. I also have extra pink ribbon I will include for free if all are purchased ($18 for all + shipping).



CANDLE HOLDER/PLACE SETTINGS: I really love SIMPLE décor and LOVE lights and candles.  I wasnâ€t going to originally do place settings because I didnâ€t really care where people sat. But then we had 2 menu options so we had to do something to differentiate the beef choice from the salmon choice.  So, I purchased candle holders and printed each guestâ€s name on a piece of vellum paper and cut the paper to fit inside of the candle holder. To wrapped a pink ribbon for the salmon choice and a tealish/blue for beef choice and taped it using double sided tape.  I used flickering tea lights to light them up and whalla…easy, affordable and elegant! See pics for up close and far away shots of the candles.  I am now selling:

-          Candle Holders- $1.50 each + shipping. These are actually 8oz polycarbonate tumblers that I purchased for $2/each. They stack easy and are so easy to pack in your suit case! I have 34 of these left.

-          Flickering Flameless Candles (6 pack)- $3 per 6 pack + shipping. I have 3 unopened packs.

-          17 Light blue chair ribbons- $10 of all of them + shipping. The ribbons are 8†x 3y. They came in packs of 6 and I have one pack that is still unopened.

-          Guest Book: $5 + shipping. The guest book is very cute and beachy. We forgot to set it out, oops!

-          Thank you cards for a bridal shower (11 cards): $4 + shipping  http://www.myexpression.com/prodDetail.cfm?ProductID=16799&CFID=14285389&CFTOKEN=bbe738737ebd51c5-5D1D6473-2BFD-02BD-DE436B517684778C&jsessionid=de306740e9023308da7167667f50291c3f33


*Private message me if you are interested in any of the items. Thank you & happy planning!


day 6 reception tabvle.JPG

day 6 reception table 1 (2).JPG



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You might want to post this in the Buy, Sell, Trade and Freebies thread as that is probably where most people will look if they are searching for stuff to buy!

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