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Need Help! Don't know where to start!

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#11 krsmith

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    Posted 24 December 2010 - 11:35 AM



    A TA does sound like the way to go...I have never been out of the country, so I have never needed to plan something like this out! Do you think they can give you a better deal than a room block? What about those travel sites like Travelocity, Priceline, Hotwire...ect? Are those something people would maybe get a better deal on? 


    I am pretty organized myself. My FI does spreadsheets for a living, so I gave him the task of putting hotel/flight/activity info together on a spreadsheet to send out to people. So far it looks pretty good! Its probably a good idea to let people know what the costs could be...although sometimes I worry that it could scare people away! Would you reccommend giving other hotel options nearby that are maybe more affordable? I would like as many people as I can get to book at MP so we could get the unlimited events. 


    I would love to post a picture of me wearing my dress...but my FI ask me not to take any pictures because he was afraid he would come across it. He is adamit that he be 100% surprised! I can post the store's picture though! I love it! I got it at Brides by Demetrios in Bellevue, WA. They were so great!







    I ordered mine in White/Ivory. I also have a cathedral length veil that I got to go with it. I hope I will be able to wear the veil in Mexico...at least for the ceremony! But the dress is beautiful and I can't wait to wear it!


    Thanks for all your help!

    #12 skp1

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      Posted 25 December 2010 - 08:11 AM

      Creating a wedding website early on is helpful.  You can reference this on the STD so people can get more information about the event and figure out if it is feasible to attend.  Most websites have a RSVP section so that might be a good option for tentative RSVPs. 


      Next start researching and interviewing vendors - they book up early!  This site was SOOOO helpful with recommendations.

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      #13 krsmith

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        Posted 25 December 2010 - 12:10 PM

        Oh thats a good idea too! Is there a good (and free) website that you would reccommend? 


        I can imagine with as many weddings as there are EVERYDAY that vendors would book super early! 


        Thank you so much!

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          Posted 25 December 2010 - 01:38 PM

          Ewedding is the site that we are using.  We are starting with the free site and are then going to update to the silver when we let everyone know about the site on the STD's.  (We are upgrading so that we can have our own domain name...)


          Great job getting your FI to work on the spreadsheet:)  My FI's job was to tackle all areas photo related since he knows alot about photography.  He has been incredibly helpful in knowing what questions to ask, what pricing is legit and what we do and don't need.  


          You will hear alot of mixed opinions about whether or not to include other resorts in your booking info for guests.  For me, it would be more important to have guests be able to make it, regardless of the resort.  Other brides are counting on the unlimited access as part of their wedding budget.  The choice for you will depend on your budget and what you want.  I will also say that it is easy to overwhelm guests with too many choices, so if you decide to go this route, give one or two others in lesser price points.


          Your dress is beautiful.  I love the detailing!  Are you getting it in the color shown?  I am looking to purchase a dress that is a non-traditional color.  Possibly blush, coral, lavender or light blue.


          #15 krsmith

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            Posted 25 December 2010 - 10:45 PM

            That looks like a good website! I will have to maybe use that one too. I like the idea of online RSVPing, but you have to get the gold to get that included. 


            My FI has been really helpful. He knows how stressed I was when we were planning for Aug 28th. He is really good at that stuff, and since I didn't need to be "supervising" (haha), I think it was a good job for him to have. Probably one of the more important jobs needing to be done! Photography is a great thing to know about! There are so many options...its hard to know what you do and don't need. I'm looking into La Luna since I have heard they are much more affordable than Del Sol....I love their style! Hopefully they will email me back soon with their prices/packages. I think Photography is one of the most important expenses of a wedding. You definitely want to be informed...looks like you will have a good upper hand there!


            I know how I feel when I'm given too many options...I think keeping it simple is probably better. I would love for everyone to book at the resort, but I also want them to be comfortable with what they are spending. Maybe I will pick 2 other resorts close by.


            Thank you! I love my dress. I can't wait to wear it! I got it in White/Ivory. When I originally ordered it, we were planning on a big Cathedral wedding, so I was going for classic bride. I like the idea of a non-traditional color...especially for a destination wedding. I like the idea of light blue or coral...that would look beautiful on a beach setting. Very complimenting colors! 

            #16 skp1

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              Posted 28 December 2010 - 09:56 AM

              I used The Knot for my wedding website and the RSVP function is included in the free package.  They have lots of good options - the only thing I hate is that the free options for domain names stink.  My fiance & I both have super long names so it takes forever to type in the address.  I would have loved to be able to shorten it, but oh well, I'm happy otherwise.


              It's pretty overwhelming at the beginning, but it will all fall into place.  I'm not sure if I'm burnt out or just feel comfortable with my progress now, but I am not nearly as stressed as I was when I started.  I'm sure that will change again though!


              The hotel spreadsheet is a good idea but can be pretty overwhelming too.  I attended a friend's wedding this year in San Diego and she did that -  a list of about 20 hotels with prices, locations, distance from wedding hotel, parking or other fees, and # night limitations.  it was really quite handy and I was glad she had it.  But I'm not doing it.  I just listed the names of a few other hotels/resorts nearby and figured if anyone wants to stay at those then they can look up the info on-line.

              Steph & John........Atlantis.......June 18, 2011......happily married

              #17 delgadot

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                Posted 29 December 2010 - 10:37 AM

                I am a 2012 bride too! And I am a huge planner as well. At first everything does seem so overwhelming but since we are starting the planning process early I feel like we have an upper hand in that we can really plan and brainstorm so when the time comes to actually start ordering and buying we will already have done our research and homework. I have already booked my resort as I was really set on a specific date and I am going to definitely be looking into using a travel agent as well we are expecting between 40-50 people and I really don't want to be involved in our guests travel arrangements. So good luck with everything this site will be the best guide ever!!

                #18 merrylee

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                  Posted 17 January 2011 - 12:36 PM

                  I'm a newbie too just starting to begin planning.  It seems like such an easy option until you delve into a bit deeper.  Then you begin to realize it's not nearly as simple as you thought it would be.  Here's to hoping the actual event goes smooth and the planning is full of fun, triumphs and that all the things that might go wrong will go wrong before wheels up.


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