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Beaches ~ Turks & Caicos Roll Call!

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Hi, I just found this site after googling affidavit of spinstership/bachelorhood.  Is there a form we use?  To CarolandChad, when I spoke to Monica about using an arch, the prices ranged from around $550-$1300, depending which arch you wanted.  As for the flowers, the quote she gave me for a decent bouquet was around $250/bridesmaid bouquet and $300+ for the bridal bouquet.  Hope this helps. 

Thank you,


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Originally Posted by caroleandchad View Post


GREAT review Kimberly.. thank you so much! A few questions.. what was the name of the officiant? haha I might want to avoid that. Also, did you book one of the private receptions?

Does anyone have price sheet on how much the "extra's" are? Like upgrading the bouqet and things like that. I am doing the Vision in white but I am considering downgrading and just renting the white arch and upgrading my bouqet, but I dont have any prices and Monica hasn't responded to my emails.


I would love to see this too!!!



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I haven't been in BDW for ages, but we are getting married at Beaches T&C on May 5th, 2011. Still haven't decided for sure on location yet. We thought we wanted on the beach but everyone keeps saying the Gazebo is so nice and the view of the ocean is just perfect so now I can't decide.

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WOW!! I just did a quick glance at some of the posts and I saw the list of all th T&C brides - yikes!!  When I first joined BDW, there were only a handful of T&C brides, so there wasn't much info about Beaches, and that was part of the reason I stoppned coming around,  but now the list is huge. This is amazing!! And I see that on May 21 there are 3 brides there the SAME day - this is so exciting!!


Now that Beaches and T&C are getting more action on the forum I may have to start checking in more often :)  I def want to read thru some of the new reviews when I get home from work tonight!

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Monica, just sent me an update on the photo and video options....


Simply Romantic


Youâ€ll take pleasure in (36) 5x7 prints

and (6) 8x10 prints in an exquisite

ivory & gold matted album. Youâ€ll

also receive (42) digital negatives

Ultimate Wedding CD Package $2000

CD includes 200 digital images of

ceremony, reception and walk on the

beach and/or garden.


Wedding Digital Album


These hard cover books will include 50 digital and

includes digital negatives, 2 calendars & 2 magnets

photos of the bride and groom, bride preparation,

bridal party, ceremony and wedding details.

Choice of size 10x10 or 12x12.


Wedding Digital Album Package $1550

This package includes the Digital Wedding

Album, 1- 8x8 Parent book (a smaller version

of the wedding album) and 40 “Thank Youâ€

picture cards of your selected image.


Wedding Digital CD Packages

CD includes digital images and a Standard Album

18 images - $410

24 images - $530

36 images - $750

48 images - $940


Wedding Print Packages

(18) 5x7 Prints & Standard Album $410

(24) 5x7 Prints & Standard Album $530

(36) 5x7 Prints & Standard Album $750

(48) 5x7 Prints & Standard Album $940

(18) 8x10 Prints & Standard Album $470

(24) 8x10 Prints & Standard Album $600

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Beaches knows how important it is to you to capture your destination wedding, we offer 3 styles of wedding video

that are as unique as you are.

The Vintage Package which infuses the old with the new;


for brides and grooms who

prefer narrative storytelling we have the Traditional Package;


the Contemporary Package is for the imaginative and

poetic couple.

Whichever package you choose, our professionals will make sure your wedding video is a timeless



Simple Edits DVD $500

The standard edit includes edited footage of the ceremony, signing of the register, Standard Cocktail Reception,

cutting of the cake and first dance. Sandals printed with the name of the couple, location and date of the wedding.

DVD will be ready 7 – 10 days after the wedding date.

Contemporary (10 min) Vintage (15 min) Traditional (20min)


Deluxe Edit DVD $900

The deluxe edit includes all of the above as well as a personalized menu with video/photo footage, a walk on the

beach or garden, photo slide show (BYO CD of personal photos to be included if you wish!) personalized DVD printed

with photo and name of couple as well as highlights of hairstyling, make-up session and spa visit for bride. DVD will be

ready 7 – 10 days after the wedding date. Includes 1 free add-on.

Contemporary (15 min) Vintage (20 min) Traditional (25min)


Ultra Edit DVD $1400

The ultra edit includes all of the above as well as the services of two videographers to capture an additional event such

as a cocktail party or wedding dinner, a “love story†interview, bride and groom preparation (dual coverage), interview

highlights with family and friends, extra copy of DVD and 100 web streams. DVD will be ready 7 – 10 days after the

wedding date. Includes 2 free add-ons.

Contemporary (25 min) Vintage (30 min) Traditional (35min)



This is the traditional form of a

wedding video as everyone knows it.

It is edited in chronological order

and follows the string of events with

music added where fitting.



This is a modern form of a wedding

video with little audio. Only key

audio is being used as well as key

background noise. The video is

edited according to the music that

was picked by the bride and groom.

It is edited along the lines of a

“music video†style.



The Vintage package is edited in an

artistic way and incorporates old

Jamaican and Caribbean music and is

also edited in chronological order

but is portraying a more nostalgic

view of the Caribbean.

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A LA CARTE package $1800

Pick which style of editing (Traditional, Contemporary, or Vintage) you prefer or even mix them for specific parts of the

video and choose what content you would like to have in the video. Then choose from 6 of the 8 options and apply

how each of the segments should be edited (Traditional style, Contemporary style or Vintage style). The A LA CARTE

package includes 3 free Add-ons. (45 mins for all styles)

Options are:

1. Ceremony

2. Reception

3. Cake cutting

4. 1st dance

5. Bride & Groom getting ready

6. Mood shots of rings & dress etc.

7. Dinner

8. Love Story

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Add-ons Price

For the moments you would like to cherish and share with your family and friends we have our add-on features. This

allows you to customize your wedding DVD with your signature touch.

Extended Edit (for 15min more editing) $200

Love Story Interview $200

Honeymoon Photo Montage $100

RAW Footage $200

2 Minutes Viral Video Trailer of Wedding to share on YouTube, etc** $150

Parents/ Best Friends Wishes $200

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage $200

Additional Cameraman $150

Dinner Coverage $200

Dance with Father/ Mother $100

SPA Coverage $100

Web Streaming of 100 streams $70

Web Streaming of 200 streams $100

Additional Copy of the DVD $50

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Personally I don't think I'm going to book any photo packages before we actually get down there - despite all the pressure from Monica! I just really don't want to commit to anything without knowing what the photos are going to look like ya know? I have no problem buying pics if I like them (after I can actually see them)....all I really want them to do is take pics and then let me look at them and buy the prints I want afterwards. I just don't want to prepay for a package and then it turns out that I don't really love the pics. But we'll see what happens.....

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