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Beaches ~ Turks & Caicos Roll Call!

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#2031 tyrebride2b2013

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    Posted 12 April 2014 - 03:08 PM

    @JanaLP what's a bob Marley shot? Did you take photographer or use beaches? Did you use theme or customized?

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    How much was candlelight dinner If you don't mind? Does Arizona open back or just closed @4? Did you go anywhere else off resort?

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    #2032 JanaLP

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      Posted 12 April 2014 - 03:33 PM

      @tyrebride2b2013 Arizona's closes for lunch at 4 but opens back up for dinner at 6:30 - tex mex style with good steaks as well.

      We actually were gifted the candlelight dinner but I think it costs about $180.

      I had a friend take pictures with another friends camera. I did looj at the beaches pictures taken to choose complimentary photo, and saved others in case want to purchase later, but they are high.

      I customizes the package but basically what I did was take seaside serenade theme and take oit the things I did not want or need.

      Not sure of liquors in bob Marley shot but it is in Jamaica colors. Red, yellow, and green. 85% of the employees are from Jamaica.

      #2033 tyrebride2b2013

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        Posted 12 April 2014 - 03:46 PM

        Can't wait for drinks! !! Thanks for recommendations

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        Oh okay that so.unds good..bob Marley shot ! Yes beaches pics are expensive but I have no choice so sad..

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        #2034 SV2014

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          Posted 13 April 2014 - 05:34 PM

          Girlz my day is coming!!! Someone else is on may 14??? Who is it again! And may 10 too?

          I'm May 14th as well! It'll be here in no time!! :)

          Ladies so much can be said in a review.  Bottom Line the trip was AMAZING!!!!  Our check in was smooth even without me doing the pre-check in online.  The on site wedding planner came and introduced herself and gave a notebook to review over as far as wedding options.  We checked in on a Saturday so we had our official meeting with her on Monday, but we saw her later on the resort at another wedding that night.  She told us our main homework lesson was to take a Bob Marley shot :), which was already on my to do list!!! It did not disappoint. The first wedding planner we encountered was Celeste. She was awesome - a really sweet person.  She called to check in on us several times before the wedding day and answered all questions.  She later had an emergency prior to our wedding day and another wedding team consultant Patricia stepped in and took over.  She was also great.  She also checked on us the day after the wedding.


          The pizzas at Bella by Iguanas Pool in Caribbean Village our great. They can take from 30 minutes to 55 minutes depending on time of day.  I have heard other people complain about the wait on reviews, but it was never an issue for us.  We would put in order on our way somewhere else then just go back and get it.  The bartenders in the pub are very friendly. They give you a daily newsletter for the next day every night informing you of activities.  As I stated in a previous post there are theme days.  The pub alternates nightly at 10pm between karaoke one night and bingo and/or poker the next night.  One of the entertainment crew over the karaoke is an amazing singer.  Sometimes the club can be dead right at 11pm when it opens for adults, but the music from DJ is great and we had a great time even when it was just us or us and a few people.


          The water is beautiful.  We did a few water activities like the hobie, kayaking, and my husband took snorkel equipment to go out on his own not far from shore.  The flags most days were red or yellow so some parts of the day depending on flag color certain activities may be restricted.


          We had an awesome candlelight dinner night after the wedding.  My suggestion would be if you plan on doing one on the beach to choose the 6pm time because after the sunset as we  got desert and it became dark the mosquitos came out pretty bad we picked up desert and took it with us at that point.


          The waterpark was fun as well. We had a great time at the water park before our kids came down with my mom, and they enjoyed it as well when they arrived.


          We ate at Kimonos twice once before everyone arrived and then again as a welcome dinner when everyone arrived.  We had the concierge make our reservations when we went on our own and Celeste made our reservations for the welcome dinner.  Both reservations were set for 8:45pm.  That was fine for us, but if you have a problem eating late the earlier you make reservations the better. I don't think the reservation desk opens til 9am or 11am.


          It is good to remember most places shut down for lunch at 2:30pm. The exception is Arizona's which closes at 4pm. They have a lunch buffet inside and on the outside is a great buffet in the back with jerk chicken and pork as well as burgers, curly fries, sweet potato fries, grilled chicken, skirt steak and all the fixings for fajita tacos. There is also a smoothie bar.


          I had never had conch before, and Barefoot by the Sea had a great conch salad.  When we were there the resort was fully booked, but it never seemed overcrowded or packed.


          If you are a returning Sandals Select Member the luncheon is great.


          I have no bad reviews about the food. I think the only down side was the inconsistency of the Caesar Salad at the restaurants.  Every place had a different twist on Caesar Salad.  I would not recommend the one in the pub.  The one we had at our reception after the wedding was the BEST. It was AWESOME.


          If you are hungry late night the pub closes at 2am, but Bobby Dee's (yes the place that looks like it is for kids) doesn't close until 6am.  They have amazing burgers with guacamole and a fried egg.


          Turtles Bar in the Caribbean Lobby is also a nice night spot for adults.  Our room was in the Caribbean Village right off the beach. It was great.


          We went of the resort to the casino in town Casablanca - not anything to get excited about.


          My favorite breakfast spots were Marios and Giusseppe's.


          We also did parasailing through Captain Marvin's. They pick you up at the dock on the resort by the watersports area. It is $75 per person.


          There is probably much more I can write a review on so I will probably have to supplement.


          If you have any questions feel free to ask, and I will answer.


          It was funny because it seemed like the whole resort knew we were getting married. They kept asking about the big day up until the day and made sure to congratulate us afterwards.  The staff are very friendly.


          I have several pictures posted on my instagram: ATTORNEY_J_4_JUSTICE and on my facebook page.  I also have many more pics to upload.


          Congrats Jana! Happy to hear you had a wonderful experience!

          @JanaLP - Is the Providenciales airport as unorganized as all the reviews make it sound?? I've read horror stories of long wait times...

          #2035 nsmith439

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            Posted 13 April 2014 - 07:05 PM

            [quote name="blakdeevah" post="1843375" timestamp="1397046589"]Girlz my day is coming!!! Someone else is on may 14??? Who is it again! And may 10 too?[/quirkiness is on may 10th. Its almost here!!

            #2036 JanaLP

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              Posted 15 April 2014 - 06:59 PM

              Oh yeah another good thing about the resort is they are very into being clean.  They have hand sanitizer at every restaurant by the plates that a worker gives you before handing you your plate.  They also clean your room twice a day. So be aware that they may come around 6 or 7 at night. I was awaken from a nap a few times to their knock, but they will come back at whatever time you wish them to return.


              Also be aware that for some reason there are quite a few mosquitos in the pub - nowhere else really at resort. So take small bug spray. the mosquitos will come out at night heavily on beach. One manager told me a person was complaining because lots of mosquitos got in their room when they left the patio door open at night - surprise, surprise. :)


              @SV2014 yeah the Providenciales airport upon departure can be interesting.  The experience can vary.  I was prepared for it to be hell because my mom and other guests left a day before we left and had a bad experience with it being extremely hot and having to pay $5 to leave Turks to the airlines. I thought that was weird because the departure tax is always typically included in airfare.  When we left we were not asked about the $5 so I have no idea how they differentiate who pays and who does not - kind of weird. Maybe they were doing a fundraiser that day.  The airport is small and hot. They have fans going to circulate the hot air, BUT we went upstairs to the SKY LOUNGE which is on the roof under a shaded umbrella. So being outside was better than being downstairs in the heat inside.  Then we went downstairs just before we thought they would be boarding. I had went down and asked the agents what time boarding would start.  The only crazy thing we experienced at airport was that when I got something out of gift shop for my mom I bought a gatorade (for $5) and went back upstairs. As I was going upstairs the man upstairs said "We are not supposed to let you bring that drink up here". I was confused and said, well I got it in your airport just downstairs. He said well I will let you bring it this time.  He really just wanted me to buy it from him I guess since they were selling drinks up there.


              Upon arrival to the airport customs was a typical wait it can take around half an hour. The baggage area is just past customs in very small area.  It is good if you can find a airport employee with a cart if you have a lot of bags. They will take you through one more checkpoint area and then lead you outside where you go on gravel to the left to wait on a taxi provided by beaches. They taxis are just locals that use their vans to transport unless you have a butler room and you will be given a beaches SUV for pick up.  So if you have been to a Sandals resort in Jamaica before don't expect the same time of pick up bus.  You give the people your name and they tag your bags with your room number and tell you to wait on taxi.


              FYI the resort will ask you to put a credit card down to place a $400 hold when you check in so something you may want to be aware of and let guests know.  I asked the concierge for one of my guests and they said if the guests let them know they will not be charging anything and don't plan on buying wi-fi then they don't have to put a credit card on hold, then the resort just won't give the the courtesy card you can use to show gift shop to put stuff on room account if you desire.

              #2037 tyrebride2b2013

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                Posted 15 April 2014 - 07:17 PM

                @JanaLP..thanks for the airport heads up. .what's the sky longer? That is weird departure tax is supposed to be included. .what airline did you fly? Hate mosquito have to remember to pack spray for us.. the airport is supposed to be renovated soon and expanded was hoping it was done before I traveled..I have read horror stories as well. $400 is a large amount for a hold. Wonder how long they keep it. ..nice to hear they are so clean as well..definitely a plus

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                #2038 JanaLP

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                  Posted 16 April 2014 - 09:33 AM

                  @tyrebride2b2013 The Sky Lounge is just upstairs seating in the open air at the airport.


                  I flew American Airlines and did not have to pay, but the day before my mother and friends flew American and did have to pay and other friends flew US Airways and also had to pay. I am not sure why.


                  I had a small can of off spray that I got from Walmart that worked fine.


                  I am not sure how long they keep the hold. I don't know how long it takes it to be released once you leave the resort.

                  #2039 tyrebride2b2013

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                    Posted 16 April 2014 - 09:38 AM

                    @JabaLPur thanks.I'm flying US Airways too..strange wonder why

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                    @JabaLPur did you purchase any pics from beaches besides your free pic? If so how was the process of selecting your pictures..I have read mixed reviews on the time frame and confusion

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                    #2040 JanaLP

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                      Posted 16 April 2014 - 09:54 AM

                      @tyrebride2b2013 I told them I did not want to waste their time or mislead them into thinking I was going to purchase any pics at that time during the viewing session. We did look at all of the pictures and pick our complimentary one.  We also told them our favorite ones, and we had them save them and email me the link to view online also so my mother could view online in case we wanted to purchase later.  So they emailed me, and we are able to view online then let them know within 30 days I believe which ones we want and they can email jpeg I guess or cd. I think to email where you can get whatever size you want printed is like $24 per image. The site link they send also gives option of buying prints that are like $16 for 5 x 7 and other prices for other sizes or novelties like mugs etc.

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