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  1. How was the weather??? I look on weatherbug daily and it says it suppose to rain everyday. :-( just thought I would see if anyone else experienced that.
  2. So it seems that it is optional if my guest choose not to purchase anything? Correct?
  3. Ladies can anyone tell me about the $400 deposit that is requested upon arrival?? I have been told that you can use that money on the resort?? How long did it take to get put back in your accounts?? Just trying to answer some of the questions from my guest and obviously I dont have the answers.
  4. Leave in 4 days and the big day is one week from today. Crazy how fast it came!!
  5. The review makes me a tad bit mire calm as Roxi has been ridiculous to get a hold of for last minute details and returning phone calls or emails. Getting excited we leave in 20 days and get married in 23 days. Its coming so fast!!!
  6. She never mentioned anything to me about the wind. We are having tables set up and lounge furniture around the fire. I figured it will be breezy from the ocean but hopefully a warm one. : ) I saw a video on you tube of a couple that got married down there and that's where I got the idea from.
  7. We will still be there on the 14th so I will have to take a peak too. We have 26 guest coming and I didn't choose a theme I just made up my own. I am making our flowers up here and we aren't doing much for decorations on the beach I figured the ocena would be pretty enough. For the reception we are just doing 2 hours of hor derves andhaving a fire on the beach with tiki torches, DJ and a firedancer. What package did you guys choose??? What time is the wedding?? Are you having a sit down reception???
  8. Yes we are so close....I have a few finishing touches that I need to do for the reception down there but otherwise we are ready. We are getting married at 5:00 on the beach so hopefully you can sneak a peak. The reception will follow at 7:30 on the beach as well.
  9. What dud you do for your reception?? Did you use a DJ or an ipod station and how did that work out??
  10. I wish I could see some reviews from recent weddings. Only 5 months to go and would love to receive last minute input.
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