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Newbie / Potential EDR bride.

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Okay, so I know that I've been MIA on here... but nursing school is not as conducive to wedding planning as one would like.


I have been waffling between EDR and Moon Palace for the past 6 weeks; however, speaking w/my travel agent made confident in my original choice of EDR. That being said, my FI and I are going to be traveling to Mexico this May to celebrate my graduation and to do a site visit or two. I have never gone on vacation w/a mission other than relaxation and eating too much so... HELP!


What questions do I need to ask? What stuff do I need to see/try? I have been attempting to poke around on here taking advice from threads here and there but w/this being my last semester I find that I am so overwhelmed already that I just get lost trying to strategize my plan of attack for May.



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Ask to see all the ceremony sites and reception sites that are available for your wedding day and time.  Gazebo 55 is the favorite(I had my wedding there!) since it is tucked away on the edge of the resort and very private. For reception sites, Tucannes is great since it has a pool, bar, dance floor area and covered area in case of rain(Ask about usual weather and sun set time for the time of year you'll be there. Our bad weather back up plan was a huge issue for us, but it ended up not raining durning the ceremony so we didn't have to use it). Also the white Gazebo by the salt water pool is a common beach reception area, we saw 3 while there, but be sure to check it out in person because when we were there it smelled like a fish tank!

Be sure to ask about any decor you may want, almost everything is extra, regardless of your package because the packages only come with standard items(eg: red aisle runner is included, other colours cost more)  If you need real photos of anything I can post some for you.  Just let me know what you want to see. Hope this helps you a bit!

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