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  1. Post all "Knock Off Wedding Dress" questions/comments here
  2. Hi, i'm just after some feedback. I've bought the dress from Landy Bridal - they have just sent me pics of it but i need some help in deciding if any adjustments/corrections need to be made beofre they post it to me.
  3. I'm wanting to do boarding pass STD's however am also loving the magnets option. Do you think it's weird to send both? I don't want to attach a magnet to the boarding pass as I think it is too big to be stuck on the fridge. Half of my invitees live with the parents hence prob won't use he magnet but the others would. Thought if I did both, those that want to use the magnet can and those that don't have a gorgeous STD to look at. Is it overkill?
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    congrats! i'm an aussie too