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Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe

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#71 Oct 2012 Bride

Oct 2012 Bride
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    Posted 03 April 2012 - 10:46 AM



    You can start working on it now. It seems like you have to send a million emails to get any informations. I was just sent an email with the flower options, cake options, and buffet menu. However the WC did not include any of the prices. So that will be yet another email I will need to send her. if you PM me I can send it  to you, since I am not up to the 150 posts I can not post it here.


    I am excited because slowly I am getting pictures of the different options that can be done.

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    #72 trivera5521

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      Posted 03 April 2012 - 11:11 AM

      Oct2012 Bride, can you also send what you have to me? My email is trivera5521@yahoo.com



      #73 Oct 2012 Bride

      Oct 2012 Bride
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        Posted 03 April 2012 - 12:40 PM



        I'll send it when I get home!!


        Has anyone started working on any DIY projects yet?

        #74 Nora NandCPhoto

        Nora NandCPhoto
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          Posted 03 April 2012 - 03:41 PM

          WE LOVE THE BARCELO!!!!!!!  WE have travelled to a few of them, and they are soooo beautiful.  All you lucky brides getting married at the Barcelo.  



          Nora and Chris Photography


          #75 trivera5521

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            Posted 04 April 2012 - 06:21 AM

            I feel a bit confused with the dinner options and I figured while I wait for the WC to get back to me I would reach out to you guys because you guys rock! So this is the thing, we are going with the Tangerine Package which of course includes the buffet dinner option (all 3 options kinda suck). I have since seen Three Course Meal Options circulating. So just so I can understand correctly, no package includes these options. They only come as an extra cost? I just want to be sure that there is nothing I can do to get these plated meal options other than pay individually for them


            Option 1 (01 entr©e + 01 main course + 01 dessert) $40

            Option 2 (02 entrees + 01 main course + 01 dessert) $45

            Option 3 (01 entr©e + 02 main courses + 01 dessert) $60


            Secondly, if this 3 meal option is at an additional charge than for those that opted to go with it and had the Tangerine package, do they somehow compensate you somewhere else, since our package does include a dinner buffet that you are not using??



            #76 Oct 2012 Bride

            Oct 2012 Bride
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              Posted 04 April 2012 - 08:05 AM



              Ok so I went through my emails back and forth with the WC and the plated menu is included in the Strawberry package. We are doing the Strawberry package because we wanted to ensure that we had a privatized reception dinner.


              From Juana:

              For the reception on the Strawberry package you have included  Entr©e, main dish and dessert. Please find attached the different options that you can select for the dinner. You need to select one entr©e, one main dish and one dessert, everybody eats the same.


              Your package includes the reception in one of our ball rooms. If you want a open area it would be additional. Attached you will find photo of a ball room’s set up.  (please note that the center pieces are not included in your package)


              The ceremony locations that you can choose from are the garden, garden gazebo, ocean front gazebo or the beach. Let me know which one you prefer, so I can make the reservation on time for you. Please find attached picture of the locations.

              #77 Oct 2012 Bride

              Oct 2012 Bride
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                Posted 04 April 2012 - 08:05 AM

                BANQUET ROOM MENU

                SET UP MENUS


                 Tomato salad with goat cheese pesto dressing

                 Cesar salad

                 Capresse salad

                 Curried marinated chicken and tomato salad


                 Genovesse minestrone soup with garlic croutons

                 Asparagus soup

                 Chicken noodles soup

                 Onion soup, parmesan cheese crostini

                MAIN DISH

                 Pesto marinated broiled chicken

                 Pan seared fish medaillon, parmesan cheese risotto, asparagus and red bell

                peppper coulis

                 Glazed pork chops in old mustard sauce

                 Beef tendeirlon with potatos and vegetables

                 Sirloin steak parisienne coffee with vegetables


                 Crema Brul©e

                 Luke warm half baked dark chocolate fondant

                 Fruit cocktail with tequila and mint fruit jelly

                 Black forest cake

                VEGETARIAN MENU

                • Mixed greens, tequila margarita dressing

                • Asparagus soup

                • Grilled mediterranean vegetables with balsamic dressing

                (Red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, zucchini and eggplant)

                N.B: Some dishes are subject to season or market availability and number of guests in party.

                #78 Oct 2012 Bride

                Oct 2012 Bride
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                  Posted 04 April 2012 - 08:10 AM

                  There are 3 Buffet options. I'm not sure if the buffet is included in the Tangerine Package or not. I do know they are an extra charge but the WC has yet to tell me.



                  Buffet Light

                  Barcel³ Light Buffet

                  Variety of bread* Regular White Bread * Whole grain bread * Bread with spices and fine aromated herbs * Bread sticks

                  Fresh and compound salads* Lettuce salad * Fine class cucumbers * Big Carrots * Cabbage * Cress

                  * Potatoes and turkey ham salad * Beetroot and potatoe salad * Pasta and vegetable salad * Capresse salad with eggplant

                  Dressing * Vinaigrette * Mayonaisse *Pink sauce* Tartar sauce * Aromatized oil with fine natural herbs* Lemons sauce

                  Trinche* Baked grouper with oregano, olive oil, potatoes and carrots.

                  Variety of hot dishes * Chicken soup with rice *Ahuyama cream* Turkey supreme with honey and dates.

                  * Yellow rice with corn * Grilled Beef escalope with onions * Spaghetti with boiled vegetables and aromatized with basil. * Grouper market with garlic

                  Variety of dessert, Sweet Pleasure* Assortment of creole sweets* Fruit salad with grenadine* Almond tart* Chocolate caramel* Flambeed bananas with caramel* Milk and coconut flan to its caramel * Strawberries and cream* Filled crepes with dates* Chocolate and rum tart * Rice with milk and cinnamon* Orange sweet

                  These prices include non alcoholic national drinks during the dinner ( water, sodas, juices)

                  *These rates do not include the 16% legal tax ( ITBIS

                  *These rates are subject to changes without previous notice.





                  Buffet Light Premium

                  Variety of bread* Regular White Bread * Whole grain bread * Bread with spices and fine aromated herbs * Bread sticks

                  Fresh vegetable salad* Pulp tomato from Constanza * Fine class cucumber * Carrots * Lettuce * Cress

                  * Cabbage and it varietied * Small olives * Middle Beetroot * Boiled corn *Palm heart salad

                  Dressing* Vinnaigrete * Mayonesse * Pink sauce

                  * Tartar sauce * Aromatized oils with natural herbs * Lemon sauce

                  Trinche* Cold turkey with plum and roasted vegetables

                  Hot Dishes* Minestrone Soup * Vegetable creams*Three delights rice * Baked potatoes with sweet and sour sauce * Mixed vegetables skew * White rice, Potato pie to the bechamel sauce *Grilled chicken *Grilled groupper to the olive oil

                  Variety of dessert, * Cocktail of Tropical Fruit with Gran Manier Liquor* Rollin of White Chocolate* Pastry Puff with Kiwis * Seleccion of Tropical Fruit * Pastry Puff with pear * Seleccion of Ice Cream

                  These prices include non alcoholic national drinks during the dinner ( water, sodas, juices)





                  Buffet Premium

                  Premium Buffet

                  * Shrimps skewer with bacon* Lamb Rack Roasted with Rosemary* Chicken Supreme with Cure Ham* Grouper Refill in Green Shirt and Red Peppers* Saltimboca of Grouper with Lobster in Anchovies Sauce* Stuffed Voulevent of scallops to the American

                  * Potatoes Wrinkled with a Spicy Sauce* Mounted of Vegetables to the Gratin of Cheese* Entrecotte of Fattened with Butter coffee of Paris* Pork Loin with Sauce of Tarragon*White and Black Rice*Hens with Jerez aroma* Canneloni filled with spinach and gruyere cheese sauce * Gallinas de Patio al Jerez

                  * Stuffed Beef Tenderloin of Cheese and Smoked Salmon* Stuffed Tamalitos of Natural Mushrooms * Lobster Rings with whisky Aroma* Redsnaper Supreme with tender Garlic* Chicken with Lobster Barcel³* Carrot Glasead* Green Beans with Cure Ham*Gilding’s Supreme Hollad’s Style *Cod’s Stuffed Peppers* Termidor’s Prawns

                  Trinche* Beef Chops* Veal’s Legs* Rice with shrimps to the Tarragon

                  Soups* Lobster Bisque* Noodles Soup with Local Hens

                  Dessert* Variety Fresh Fruits* Fruits Mousse Decorated* Tart of Nuts with Raisins* Fresh Fruit Sponge Cake* Puff Pastry with Rum Aroma* Strawberry Custard* Chocolate Tart* Tartlet of Marzipan* Mini Balls of Coconut with Guava* Flavor Fruits Ice Creams

                  Coffee, tea and Infusions

                  This rates include non alcoholic national drinks during dinner (water, soda, juice)

                  * 10% service for food and beverage not included

                  *These rates do not include the 16% legal tax ( ITBIS).

                  *These rates are subject to changes without previous notice.


                  #79 trivera5521

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                    Posted 04 April 2012 - 08:11 AM

                    I guess the confusion is that I was sent these menu options by another bride. These options are different from what I believe we get in our packages as such perhaps these are at an additional cost??? I will let you guys know what she (WC) says whenever she decides to get back to me. Thanks Octbride!


                    Cold Entrees

                    • Tropical pineapple with shrimp and fennel
                    • Seafood cocktail
                    • Shrimp & tuna with escabeche vegetables
                    • Lobster Cocktail
                    • Grouper Carpaccio with pink pepper
                    • Sweet & sour salad with pineapple & crab


                    Hot Entrees

                    • Pumpkin soup with blue cheese
                    • Shrimp marinade with hot sauce
                    • Lobster Brochettes with saffron
                    • Chicken cream with palm heart
                    • Potato pie & seasonable vegetables
                    • Vegetables stew with dressing

                    Main Courses

                    • Grouper supreme with coriander, steam potatoes & green vegetables
                    • Chicken supreme with hazelnut, gratinated potatoes and a vegetable bouquet
                    • Sirloin Bearnesa and its garnish
                    • Roasted tenderloin with fine aromatic herbs, potatoes & vegetables
                    • Sirloin with mustard grains
                    • Pepper entrecote with vegetables
                    • Lobster medallions with truffle perfume
                    • Grouper supreme with rosemary



                    • Bounty Chocolate & coconut
                    • Tiramisu
                    • Orange and white chocolate pie
                    • Apple pie
                    • Crepe suzette with vanilla ice cream
                    • Flan with coffee liquor
                    • Pineapple pie
                    • Chocolate Bomb with passion fruit sauce

                    #80 Oct 2012 Bride

                    Oct 2012 Bride
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                      Posted 04 April 2012 - 10:10 AM

                      I gues it's because they don't give us complete information in their emails. It they would just send us a welcome package with everything it it we all would have alot less questions.

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