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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by m8chow HI Natalieblev, I love your bouquet!!! Did you get the broaches on Hobby Lobby as well? I love the elephant one and I think my FI would love that detail on mine. I ordered most of my filler ones from fabulousbrooch.com and then i got about 13 special ones (including the elephant) as gifts or from amazon I believe the company is Alilang that made the elephant one. They can get expensive if you try to get ones you love everytime or dont buy in bulk. My mom spent 100 on just three for me! I bout kicked her butt! have fun!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by minigodiva Hi Natalie! You did such an amazing job with your bouquet. Love the brooch idea. Do you mind sharing on how you attached them? Oh and I'm getting married at the same resort. What did you do with the bouquet included in the package? Did you give it to someone else? Hi! I used floral wire (hobby lobby carries very pliable wire that i could twist with my hands). I made those into "stems" with the brooch as the flower, and then bought real touch hydrangeas in peach and basically just placed them throughout the bouquet. It took a very long time to get that last part right, but was worth it in the end. I just googled how to make one, searched on this website and then decided what the best way for me was. The bouquet that came in the package- they would not let me give it to a bridesmaid, so I just said I didnt need it. We didnt do a bouquet toss, because there was only about three single women/girls there, but if you were going to do that I would suggest getting the free bouquet for that! Good luck! You will love BBPD! It is amazing and Im ready to go back!
  3. wonderful...you have me bawling like a baby at its only 8am hahah!! This is absolutely amazing and breathtaking. The sweetest and what a great photographer you had. You guys looked so beautiful and the pictures are so gorgeous! Now im having those sad-its-over feelings again!
  4. aw thanks so much! It was so great you will have a blast in Nov. I ordered from etsy...here is the store website...http://www.etsy.com/shop/silkandmore She was really great and easy to work with and all the girls loved them and have been using them at home too!
  5. Mary123 I never had any trouble connecting on my phone while at the resort including the beach. I didn't use it a ton but my some of friends downloaded Skype on their phones or used FaceTime for iPhone every night to call kids or home and it worked fine.
  6. We just did the photos! She actually made us a dvd slideshow with the sweetest music and its like 25-30 minutes long!! So it is perfect to show our family that didnt make it. We didnt do an at home reception because we dont live by any family and my mother in law had one of our friends record the whole ceremony so it all worked out fine!
  7. Dont you just LOVE Arise and Michela!! They are the two BEST! You will be in great hands! I had them both and everyone loved them and everything went perfect!
  8. Here are a couple more wedding photos! I just cant stop looking at them and so sad its over! We are already planning our next vacation!!
  9. Everybody looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I am loving all the pictures. Must be a June bride thing hahah! We also did my bridal shower at the resort. My bridesmaids knew how much I wanted to do a rustic wedding iin TN in the beginning, but my FI talked me into a DW. Im SO HAPPY he did! But they decided to throw me a rustic shower at the resort and it was the sweetest!
  10. NettyD Honestly Im not really sure if he is allowed to do legal weddings. I never considered doing a legal ceremony there, so i just straight away asked for the symbolic when speaking with him. The thing is though, it was just as real to me as it was to my guests. I wanted prayer, words from the bible, a minister, blessings over our marriage because acknowledging God's presence was my number one. He does all of that, and when he has you sign your marriage certificate in front of everyone I dont see why anyone would question whether it was legal or not. Noone ever asked me after at all. And for me it wasnt so much important about the legal part as it was so stand in front of my friends and family and say you know I am here because of God and he will always be the number one in our lives in order to have a successful marriage and that is what Pastor York does. I would not have been satisfied had I not hired him. (I even had them read from the bible at the courthouse when we got our legal ceremony done.) There is a forum on here about him that might answer the legal question just search Rick York. Hope that helps!
  11. Hey! thanks so much!! It was a blast! Im sad its over honestly, and i didnt think i would feel that way! But- I posted some pics on here, and also i have some more on my fb. I think i may have added you just now. I made my own bouquet with real touch flowers and brooches from my mom and ones i got myself. It was a pain, but very worth it! I added two charms of my grandparents pictures and it was very sweet when my mom saw her daddy on there. I love that i can keep it forever now. I did bring one succulent for each of the bridesmaids bouquets and all the boutineers. (Saved me 60 bucks). Im going to be honest, after three days of steak i didnt even have a bite of the steak at the reception! But everyone said it was great! I ate some of the veggies and the salad was SO good! The dessert was amazing as was the cake, but i have to rely on my guests opinions for the steak! Yes, we used a regular ipod. Travis just cleared it out to make it easy and then had Ceremony, First dance, Parents dance, and reception so there was no confusion at all. This part I have to say I didnt even realize we werent allowed over there haha! My guests all stayed at BBPD (i did tell them about the adults only, but everyone booked at the palace)...however, I had no clue we werent allowed over there (i thought it was the opposite and the adults only werent allowed at the palace)...so people went, we went...there were no problems ever. On the wedding day the girls had to cut off our resort bracelets for pictures, so the next day i didnt have one still. But I went to the pool, the bar, club premium lounge, and never even had a problem. Not to say you wouldnt, and maybe they would kick you out of the AO resort I have no clue! But they didnt us! They did however catch my young sister in law (16) come into the casino/nightclub IMMEDIATELY with a silent censor so dont try that!
  12. Hey! Here are a couple of pictures...the mint green flower was on top of the smaller jar, but my mom took it off when we got there and put the bridesmaids bouquets in instead. I didnt bring too much...the hanging things you see in the first photo my mother in law brought and they actually turned out really cute with the sweetheart table and jars. I had a friend make me the painted jars for really cheap (so sweet of her) and the flowers were really easy to travel with and we just made them when we got there. I brought the boutineers myself and also brought a succulent for each bridesmaids bouquet to make it flow and they added the real flowers with it and it turned out really nice! After I got rid of all the welcome bag contents I was worried that i had really nothing for the wedding...but let me say NOONE cared what my centerpieces looked like. The only real thing anyone was saying were how pretty the watercolor paintings I had were (instead of table numbers we did states with a heart painted inside of places that meant something to us, and many were from those states that were there). I didnt bring much and Im really glad I didnt!
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