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Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe

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#111 Oct 2012 Bride

Oct 2012 Bride
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    Posted 16 April 2012 - 08:51 AM

    I'm still waiting on my response email. We are getting married on the beach. I'd prefer a different location. But I will settle for that if there is nothing else. I'm still going to reserve the Bar Higuey and if that is not avaliable the day off then we will move it to the beach. I kind of feel like that her sike you out response. I can't wait until Sunny comes back. I want to here all the details. Very exciting.


    So I don't know if any of you are starting your OOT shopping yet. But the knot.com has a 3 day sale going on right now. I'm ordering bags for .99, a 24 pack of fans (with free customization) for 5.99, and $14.99 for 100 napkins(with free customization) for the "we are married party" we are having after the wedding at home.

    #112 MinStoon

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      Posted 17 April 2012 - 06:05 PM

      Hi everyone, we too are anxious to get more info on Bar Higuey.  My travel agent speaks fluent spanish and she has contacted Marlene by phone on a couple of occassions and got thru right away (go figure hey).  I don't like they willy nilly responses that we all seem to be getting and I'm ready to blow a gasket.  I will have our TA try and reach her tomorrow and get more direct answers - if that's possible and then get back to everyone. 

      #113 Oct 2012 Bride

      Oct 2012 Bride
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        Posted 18 April 2012 - 08:23 AM

        Ok ladies I finally have an email from the WC concerning the Bar-Higuey.


        Answer to your questions:

        1.      Are you saying we are not able to Book that location for our wedding and be promised that we will have it to ourselves even if there is an event going on? This is the information we are telling all our brides and you must be advised of a possible re-location.
        2. Are there any other locations what would be available to u? I do not want to have our wedding indoors. Beach for $65usd x person/
        3. Can you send me pictures of the other locations that you have available? Attach.
        4. Are the other locations an additional cost? Beach $65usd x person/
        5. If so how much? Beach $65usd x person/
        6. For the dinner menu, what kind of fish is it on the menu? It doesn't say. We can only eat certain kinds of fish. fish included is mero.

        Please let us know what else we can help you with.






        Juana Rodriguez

        #114 trivera5521

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          Posted 18 April 2012 - 01:20 PM

          Octbride, thanks for sharing! What do you think?! Looks like our only other option for an outdoor wedding reception would be the beach ceremony. She did tell me that if we had to relocate they would compensate us accordingly. I would hope that if they force us to move our reception that they wouldnt try and charge $65 pp for the beach reception. I suppose we will see what happens. I just sent in my wire deposit so I am officially locked in. Your wedding is this year, I think your safe...if they were having a big event in the convention center I would think who ever the vendor is would have been working on details by now.

          #115 Oct 2012 Bride

          Oct 2012 Bride
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            Posted 18 April 2012 - 01:41 PM

            Right Trivera!


            I think they said that to make sure we are aware but don't know how to write it in a way that doesn't make us concerned. It must be that language barrier. I knew I needed to reword my questions so i can have the answer the right way. because I don't think they are really telling everyone they can't have it. So I'm sticking with the Bar-Higuey and calling it a day. They have yet to ask me for the deposit which is weird to me. But maybe my questions make then think I am unsure. I'll respond back to them in detail when I get home and attatch the additional pictures here that I was sent as well.


            Exciting exciting. I need to start looking at some pictures so I can tell them exactly how I want my cake, flowers and designs to be.

            #116 Oct 2012 Bride

            Oct 2012 Bride
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              Posted 18 April 2012 - 06:28 PM


              #117 Oct 2012 Bride

              Oct 2012 Bride
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                Posted 18 April 2012 - 06:41 PM

                These are the pictures of the flowers and cake the WC sent me a couple of weeks ago. I thought I posted this.

                _MG_9930.jpgcake with flowers.jpgcake2.jpgP1040594.jpgP1040652.jpgP1050932.jpgP1060738.jpg

                #118 JRM426

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                  Posted 19 April 2012 - 01:42 PM

                  Hi Trivera,


                  I did book Bar Higuey and thus far have not heard anything about it being double booked. Fingers-crossed this doesn't happen. I'm already frustrated with her lack of communication so I wouldn't be surprised if she pulls that out of her hat.


                  Thanks for the advice, FYI...we have been keeping every correspondence and when she suddenly forgot a detail we had confirmed I just emailed her her response back to let her know that she's going crazy. Sigh....

                  Originally Posted by trivera5521 

                  JRM: I would say that sounds about right. They seem to operate on Caribbean time to the 10th power, I sometimes wait days for responses.  I havent gotten to the point where I am working on details since our wedding isn’t til May of next year but she hasn’t been forthcoming with answers to my  questions either. Just a few tips:


                  • Document EVERYTHING!! Get everything in writing and keep meticulous records.
                  • When you email her send all your questions in one email
                  • Be patient they suck at getting back to people in a timely fashion   


                  Good luck and keep us posted!!

                  P.S. I am just curious where are you having your reception area? If it’s at Bar Higuey, did she tell you when you booked it that there was a possibility you could be relocated?



                  #119 jphruk

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                    Posted 19 April 2012 - 07:42 PM

                    Hello fellow brides! I am very new to this site, but I've read through a lot of the threads here and you all share a lot of awesome information! So thank you!


                    My fiance and I are still trying to narrow down an exact location for our destination wedding. We are looking for an all inclusive resort with a chapel as we both are Catholic. Barcelo Bavaro Palace looks awesome and from what I've read it sounds like others are pleased with the resort, despite the untimely responses to emails. Soooo...about the chapel....has anyone on this thread actually gotten married in the chapel? I have tried to search for pictures on line, but I cannot seem to find anything! We are planning to have 50-60 people at the wedding, so I'm hoping the chapel is large enough to accomodate us. Any pictures you can pass along would be much appreciated! thanks in advance!



                    #120 aquatracie

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                      Posted 20 April 2012 - 07:33 PM

                      My brandnew frustration!!  6 months ago we sent in our payment info to Marlene through our travel agent and everything was good or so we thought!  Today my travel agent contacted me and said that they just tried to run our CC to pay for our deposit now and it declined, when we thought that they had done that months ago!  We just recently got a new CC, so now today I had to send it all the scans and signatures again!  I guess I should had been paying attention, my fault but I just thought all of this was taken care of half a year ago!...................

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