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  1. Hi everyone, we too are anxious to get more info on Bar Higuey. My travel agent speaks fluent spanish and she has contacted Marlene by phone on a couple of occassions and got thru right away (go figure hey). I don't like they willy nilly responses that we all seem to be getting and I'm ready to blow a gasket. I will have our TA try and reach her tomorrow and get more direct answers - if that's possible and then get back to everyone.
  2. Thanks for the info earlier Sunny We booked the Tangerine package and just need confirmation from the priest for Jan 7, 2013 still - ugh and have till mid April for the 30% which is fine. I didn't realize this chapel is on the edge of the lake on the golf course edge - pretty but so hard to find pictures. You've been awesome and wish you all the best in days to come!!!!!!! I will keep reading as new info posts - alot of fun and so informative!
  3. This thread has been sooo helpful to my daughter (Kayla) and I. Her date has been changed and just waiting to hear from Marlene to confirm it January 2013. Sunny55143 - we have asked for the Bar Higuey for the reception as well. We have approx 85 guests and this spot looks amazing on the edge of the Convention Centre. Marlene said something about it gets busy so a 30% deposit is required but we havent rec'd more info than that. Hoping someone might know if this is mandatory and 30% of what? Is there a fee to having the venue here? We are going with the Tangerine package and this venue should be included...right? Elycoco - Hi you said you had to pay for religious ceremony already? Kayla is having a catholic ceremony in the chapel located on the lake of the golf course. Is this where you will be also? Marlene never said anything about a depost (which is fine) but maybe only once she confirms the date with the priest? Thanks again all for all the insightful info - keep posting and we'll keep reading LOL.
  4. Yes thanks Miss (Mrs) Annette and MJKH - amazing reviews and info! I promise to give back too when the time comes - ha ha. My daughter (Kayla - bride) and I hope to have the quotes from all the tour operators tomorrow or next day and then we book One other question - I have a niece in an electric wheelchair and am wondering if you noticed wheelchair accessibility and elevators? I read that some area have lots of stairs but as long as there are ramps and elevators, we'll be ok. Miss Annette - what was your total cost if you don't mind me asking for 60 guests? Can I ask that on this site - I should have read the rules - lol! MJKH - be talking to ya soon
  5. I hope I did this right - I am the mother of the bride (Kayla) and we are new to this. She is getting married over New Year's 2013 and just when we every wedding detail finalized with the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe in Punta Cana - Air Transat quotes us with $2404 tax in per person for flight/all-inclusive!!! We almost died because it's usually between $1700 - $1900 tax incl from Saskatoon, SK Canada around that time of year. So after some tears yesterday - we found the GSRM and are excited! We will email the resort for date availability around Jan 2 - 4/13 and our travel agent is getting a quote asap. Fingers crossed. I read almost every post from page 1 - 60 and am so thankful for finding this - ur all awesome. If anyone can comment or give us advice: we will be approx 75-80 people, want a catholic ceremony in the chapel, cocktail hour and reception maybe at the Palapa or one of the restaurants that can accommodate large group. Was anyone in similar boat? Should we go with AT wedding package or direct to resort in our case? Anyone from Canada have their flight prices that I can compare to??? Anything to help us would so appreciated!!! Hope to book this week Michelle/Kayla
  6. MinStoon

    Another Canadian "Newbie" from Saskatoon :)

    We have been in contact with Marlene and she is pretty quick at responding which is appreciated. It's hard to get a handle tho on what this will cost us and that is getting me frustrated. We will be a group of 80 and I would really like to know if someone had a large wedding and can help me. We were advised that there are no perks or benefits to a large group but yet at the Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe - they gave a free reception when this large wedding group had 35 rooms booked. I was told different Barcelo's have different packages In the end, we want the BBPD in Punta and just hope they can give us a reasonable package as it appears even their top one(tangerine) is only up to 25 or 35 people so it's the extra costs per person that worry me. We want the cocktail hour on the rooftop with internation booze and the reception at the Bar Higuey (which I found on another thread) and it looks awesome! If anyone has info on extra costs we will be facing, tips, or experience at this reception venue - please send drop me a note Thanks all Kayla
  7. My daughter and I are also planning her destination wedding in 2013 and have the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe on our radar - looks awesome. I have spoken to our travel agent already and was informed that tour operators such as Air Transat, Sunquest etc also have wedding packages for all the hotspots (including this one)! The prices are better than dealing direct with the resort - just something to look into Good luck with your plans, we will watch for future postings.
  8. Hi there, just reading different reviews and yours is great! My daughter is sooo hoping to secure a date to be married at the Barcelo Palace end of Dec/12 - over New Years Problem we're having and I hope you can help is that Gabriela had confirmed our initial email and sent us the various wedding packages. We already knew what they were and have pretty much decided on the Strawberry but we have one big question unanswered which is: We will have approx 90 guests (35-40 rooms booked). A previous wedding review said they had the same thing and the reception meal was at no cost due to the number of rooms booked. They only paid for ungrades to the menu. Do you know if this is still true? I've tried to reach the lady who posted the review but not successful in reaching her yet. one more question - the photographer was one provided by the resort? Thanks for any input or assistance you can give us and glad you had an amazing time!!! Michelle from Saskatchewan, Canada