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Check out Nadeen Bowman for healthy eating options

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Hey Ladies,


I'm not sure if everyone would have heard of Nadeen Bowman, she is a nutritionist who is on a few tv shows here in Canada. The shows are called Bulging Brides and Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp. The shows are awesome, especially Bulging Brides, Nadeen works with an ex-football player who designs the workouts and she does the nutrition part. Anyways, they pretty much help brides lose tons of inches in just 6 weeks.


To get to the point, she has a website and will design nutrition programs just for you to achieve your goal in two weeks, four weeks, or just to develop healthy eating habits. You chose the foods you like and she give you the meal plan. You should check it out.




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I ordered the $35 one and my sister ordered the $85 one and we shared. The quick start one is great for long term, establishing healthy eating habits and the info provided with it is great for portion control. The bulge buster one is super effective if you stick with it! I really dont have any real weight to lose, was just looking to get a bit leaner, and in 4 days I lost 5 lbs. Too much for me, so I just used it as a guide and added more healthy foods to it. Since then - about another week, i've gained one pound back. If you have weight to lose, I would think the 85$ one is good enough, I cant imaging what the more expensive one will give you that the mid-range one doesnt.


PM me if you have questions!

Originally Posted by Lite View Post

This is exactley what i was looking for.  Has anyone order the program?  I'm just not sure i want to spend $275!

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Thanks for the info ladies.  I don't have much weight to lose, 5lbs.  I workout often, but my problem is portion control and wine.*blush*  Maybe the $35 plan will work for what i'm looking for.  I have no self control so i need a plan to follow!

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 I ordered (back in day) the $85 program and what i liked about it; it's personalized. There is so many vegetables that i don't like... and she was able to make me something easy, that i could eat and lose the weight. It worked but i gained it back because i went back to drinking, pizza late night snack etc. But it was only ten pounds...


I found the document, if anyone is interested in having a copy of mine (very basic food - I'm picky!) PM me


Here are Nadeen's rules:

The Rules.

1. Eat all 4 meals per day and space them out as equally as possible by a minimum of 2.5 hours

between each.

2. You can eat the meals in the order prescribed, or in any order over a given day, i.e. Meal 1 for dinner,

Meal 3 for breakfast, Meal 4 for lunch.

3. For each meal you have the choice of 2-3 foods. You can eat just one, or any combination of the

foods listed for each meal.

4. Only the foods listed in a given meal are to be consumed together. You must NOT swap foods

between meals.

5. If you need to address your cravings and arenâ€t too concerned about weight loss then add in a

snack, but only once per day.

6. Follow the plan in sequential day order. You must NOT swap days around.

7. After youâ€ve completed the first 10 days, take days 11, 12, and 13 to eat as you normally would

without restrictions.

8. Youâ€re in charge of portion control. Only eat until you feel satisfied but never stuff yourself full.

Follow this guideline flawlessly as it will define the degree of your success. When you eat more than

necessary your body stores the extra calories as fat. Always eat slightly less if youâ€re not sure when

to stop and adjust your technique at the next meal.

9. Drink 10 glasses of pure clean water per day (10 x 250ml glasses). You can also drink calorie-free

soda, tea (with sweetener), coffee or low calorie drinks (must have less than 10 calories per glass).

These drinks may be consumed as often as you like each day, with no limit.

10. One glass of RED wine per day is allowed but should not be substituted with other alcoholic beverages.

11. Limit condiments to: lemon juice, worcestershire, soy sauce, salsa, salt, pepper, mustard, and

seasoning salts. No other condiments are allowed on any meal. Eating other condiments or

sauces can slow down weight loss.

12. Walk at a brisk pace for a minimum of 30 minutes each day and limit any regular resistance training

while on the plan. Your body will be consumed with rapidly shedding pounds while your muscles

take a short rest – a key component in a balanced exercise program!

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Well, I received my plan (Bulge Buster) and I wanted to use it for to lose 5 pounds (you know, those hard to lose but will reveal your 6-pack if you do so!)

I find it easy to stick to the program for the first 3-4 days and then, I had a lot of cravings.  I think it's because I was choosing one item for each meal instead of 2 or 3.  I started to feel weak  (low carb) and just stopped. I think now I will lose my 5 pounds slowly (I am a runner)  so it will be gentle on my body without losing muscle mass.


I think that the personalized Bulge Buster is a good program and I would do it if you are really concern by time and have more than the last 5 pounds to lose.


Good luck!



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Rule #12! Are you kidding me? Not sure about a nutrition program that doesn't leave you enough energy to do some resistance training. Sorry, devil's advocate here!

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