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  1. His pricing is on the website. I'm going with the deluxe package, $650.00 Includes hair and makeup done at the studio!! He mentioned that he was a photographer for playboy for a few years so im feeling very comfty with him and i can't wait to see the sexy shoots! I told him i wanted sexy not sweet!
  2. I just booked http://www.nghiatranphotography.com/ for my boudoir!! I'm getting it done the day before i leave. I know it's going to feel busy, but i obviously will be packed and ready a few days before. I wanted it done than because i'll be as fit as im ever going to be, have fresh waxing, nails and lashes. I can't wait!!! Nghia was super easy to talk with, i felt so comfortable and he has a great studio. Everything is there, backdrops, chairs, bed etc. And he said they also have accessories i can use. Oh and he's bringing me some wine when i asked if i could have a glass!! lol
  3. Just a little plug for my future aunty-in law. She makes these gorgeous birdcage veils and the price is amazing too!! Check her out! http://veiled-with-beauty.com/ She has more pics on her facebook page
  4. I can't find his contact info? Can someone help??!!! Thanks
  5. When you say you had him for the reception, was it just the reception? I need someone to take care of the music for the ceremony as well. Has anyone used their services for ceremony and reception?
  6. I just booked our TTD with Diego Munzo for Feb 27th, our wedding is the 22nd!!! I wanted to do it the second week, we will be relaxed and refreshed for the pics!! I'm getting very excited as time gets closer! Left to do, book men's fishing trip, group catamaran trip and ladies spa, hair appts. Anyone have recommendations on the fishing/boating?
  7. Tris, I would be interested! What day are you planning? i'm leaving on the 19th, and i wanted to do it closer to the day we left as my body will be at it's fittest! Does the photographer have a website and what location will you be shooting at? I'm in! Mel
  8. http://canada.zappos.com/images/z/1/2/5/1250125-p-MULTIVIEW.jpg I just ordered these tonight!! I really love them in the Bordeaux! I wanted blue Badgley's but Zappo's didn't have my size anymore. I think these make up for it.
  9. http://www.impressionbridal.com/collections.php?s=1629&cat=23 getting it in seamist colour. It looks very sexy on the model, but is very classy and elegant on my mom. She's going to get straps done, she's not comfortable going strapless.
  10. So we're getting married in Feb at Dreams Tulum. I'm going to use the resort photog for our wedding day, i believe that i will be happy with those pictures. I want to hire a photographer for a trash the dress session the following week while we are on honeymoon. I do not want to do it the first week we are there with all our guests and i think it will be fun and more relaxed to do it the second week. So my question is, who does trash the dress sessions only? From what i've seen its wedding packages, and what should i expect to pay for a TTD shoot? Any recommendations for a photographer that will travel to Dreams Tulum? Thanks, Mel
  11. Yeah really surprised at this rule? The last ten pounds and bulging brides is all about exercise AND diet, so why limit exercise??
  12. Very nice!! Enjoy your wedding/trip!! Where did you get your mom's dress? We need to get my mom one and i really like yours!
  13. Thanks for the info ladies. I don't have much weight to lose, 5lbs. I workout often, but my problem is portion control and wine.*blush* Maybe the $35 plan will work for what i'm looking for. I have no self control so i need a plan to follow!
  14. This is exactley what i was looking for. Has anyone order the program? I'm just not sure i want to spend $275!
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