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Hair and Makeup - Besides Fernando

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Hi -

I'm going to be using Sara Tamargo and would love to hear from other brides that have used her for their wedding.

She seems really nice and a doll to work with, but I was a little concerned w/ the communication via email and the fact that their is no contract/deposit or confirmation. Everything is just really laid back.

I'm sure she'll show, but I would feel a lot better hearing from others about their experiences.



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The  wedding coordinator at the Akumal Beach Resort where we are renewing our vows quoted us $350 US for a pre wedding trial and $450 US for the day of for hair and makeup.  That seems really high, especially when you consider that she knows it will only be me, no bridesmaids, or family members, just me.  Any recommendations for someone that will come to our resort, do my hair and makeup for around $200?  Im 51 years old, so, I may need a bit more time to cover the ravages of time. 

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