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Elizabeth your work is trully amazing!!! I actually just got an email from you (I am maria Gutierrez!) wow i love your work! I hope we can work together on my wedding! I will keep in touch! xo

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THANK YOU!!!  Elizabeth- thank you so much for posting those- and ladies- these are just a slight few of the FABULOUS pics that I have in my arsenal now--- I will post more soon!  SIGH---:)  I don't think I've cried this much from happiness at anything---


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Beautiful pictures!! I had actually come across these yesterday on her page, and was wondering who did your make up?  It was gorgeous!!!



I have a good friend that actually did it!  She does a fab smoky eye- and I found that 'Makeup forever' has this great foundation that makes you look like you're not wearing anything- especially in that humidity!  It was the liquid photofinish one.  Also, Philosophy's liquid, nailpolish like blush was a wonderful addition! 


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PS - the last song is "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliat


Thank you SOOO much Andi!  I had never saw this before!!  It's really cool, because we had this song for our wedding website, and it ended up describing us perfectly ....2 months before the wedding, Ryan had a job that I maybe saw him a few hours a week..... then after the wedding, we CAME HOME to Denver!!!!! ****EM knew!!  I was a wreck before I saw Ryan!!!! ****


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Jannae!!!!!! I was wondering when you were gonna come back on. Congrats girl on your nuptials, you were a stunning bride!!!! Love the pics!!

Thank you Love!!  I have missed you guys so much- I'll be back into the bdw game soon- or I will go crazy!!! :)


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*Sigh* Beautiful! You know you have a great photo's when .. total stranger's tear up at them! Congrats!


thanks :)  This means so much because I have spent so many hours seeing other couples weddings, and getting teared up by them.  Never thought I would be the one people were looking at!!! 

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