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Riu Santa Fe- 2011

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#1 Babycakesdh

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    Posted 07 September 2010 - 01:42 PM

    Hi everyone!!


    I am getting married at the Riu santa Fe in November of 2011 and I'm looking for any feedback and info on the resort and private reception options. The emails from the WC are very vague lol.


    Thanks so much!!

    #2 vlynnw

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      Posted 07 September 2010 - 02:18 PM

      Congrats and welcome to the forum!

      Veronica & Adam - May 6, 2011 - Dreams Tulum

      #3 murphie310

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        Posted 20 October 2010 - 12:28 PM

        I have been in contact with Nelly at the Santa Fe.  Every time I email her she responds within a day! Super fast and her responses are very helpful; I have learned that your questions just need to be very specific.  We have all of our locations reserved and we are still a year away from the date.


        The ceremony on the Beach at 5pm (sunset is 5:30) and then the champagne toast on the beach, then dinner is at the Steakhouse at 6:30. We wanted our reception to be on the English Patio at 8:00pm with a mariachi band and serve our cake there so we booked it. However later she told us that you have to order appetizers if you use the patio, they are $16-20 per person, which we find ridiculous to have right after dinner...and we are expecting over 100 people so the cost would be way to high.  I told her that if the policy changes to let me know.  So now unfortunately we are having the reception at the Disco, the nice thing is the DJ and the Bar is included in the $500 for 3 hours. We are still getting the band and doing the cake in there as well as the speeches and 1st dance.  We wanted to do the speeches at dinner but a microphone isn’t allowed in the restaurant.  My guess is we will stay in there for an hour or two and then just hang out around the outdoor bars.


        If you are having over 40 people be prepared to pay more.  Each extra slice of cake is $5, extra champagne for the toast is $20 per bottle, etc.  Luckily dinner is included at one of the restaurants.   

        #4 Babycakesdh

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          Posted 25 October 2010 - 05:29 PM



          Thanks for the tips....I appreciate all the information:) I have not reserved anything yet lol...what is your date?? 

          I am not surprised to hear about the english patio- it seems they want to charge an arm and a leg for any kind of private reception. 


          Do you know if the 5$ extra for the cake and the extra for the champagne are the only charges for additional guests after you hit 40+ people? 


          Thanks again for your help and congrats!! :)

          #5 IdOinCABO

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            Posted 29 January 2011 - 10:18 PM

            We are booked for Riu Santa Fe Wedding june 25th 2011.


            I noticed there is not a lot of people it seems to be at the Riu...


            not sure if we need to start a new thread or what...



            #6 Babycakesdh

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              Posted 31 January 2011 - 01:19 PM

              Ya I was thinking the same thing...not many people are using this thread at all :(

              Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!! June is going to come sooooo fast :o

              DO you have everything booked yet?

              #7 TVM7211

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                Posted 01 February 2011 - 11:33 AM

                The site WILL NOT let me start a new thread, so I'm going to try to comment here!  Here was my thread:


                Hi everyone!


                My name is Traci, and I'm getting married at the Riu Santa Fe on 7/2/11!


                I'm having a hard time deciding what to do regarding the dinner/reception.  I'd love some feedback and/or advice from past Riu brides!


                I had assumed we could use the dinner area at La Mision (the Mexican restaurant) for the reception too; however, I now know that we have to book a separate reception area.  I don't mind paying for the extra area - I just don't want to pay an extra $16-20 a person for more food when we're getting a free dinner. 


                How is the disco there?  We wanted something outside, but this might be the most cost-effective choice (we're on a budget).  We've been to this resort twice in the last year, but that's one place we never checked out.


                The other two choices are the Patio Ingles and Tequila Bar (but I think this is where the extra cost for food comes in)...


                Thanks for any help!!




                #8 IdOinCABO

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                  Posted 02 February 2011 - 10:26 AM

                  So I was there in October. I can send you some pictures. The food at the Mexican Rest. Was great I thought! The Disco is a Disco and its located kind of off the main drag of the hotel where the show will be right next door and in front of the main buffet. I would say if you are having a lot of people/young people then yea you could do it. If not then I wouldn’t waste the money. How many people are you having?


                  Yea, you can’t use the same place for the reception. Just to let you know the Mexican Rest. Overlooks the quieter pool but they will have other dinners I believe going on at the same time… and the Mexican rest during the day is an additional buffet for that pool and guests… I have pictures. Send me your email and I will send so you can have a visual…


                  And yes everything is booked as far as the hotel/dinner and what not…. Their dates fill up really quickly and they are busy nonstop.


                  Also Nelly has moved into a different roll and now MINA is the WC for the Santa Fe. So far she seems better then Nelly. We also met her in OCT. just ehhh if you know what I mean… mina is pretty quick on the emails. A lot she likes to do 2 months prior too but I’m a planner and a thinker so I wanted to see what I needed to think and plan prior then 2 months. I think it would be really stressful waiting until then to start making decisions.

                  #9 murphie310

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                    Posted 02 February 2011 - 12:21 PM



                    How was the weather in October?  Our ceremony is Oct. 15th, 2011 at 5pm.  Did you see what the chairs looked like for the ceremony?  Are they all white or do they have a cover over them?  Any idea if they allow candles either at the restaurant or in the disco?


                    I felt the same way about the reception.  We wanted to do it on the Patio, but that is way too much per person.  We are going to do it in the Disco, I feel like $500 is an ok price to pay for a dj and bar tender for 4 hours.  I was also told that we could do our cake in there.  It is a little dark in there so I am hoping we can add some sort of extra lighting. We are also going to get the Mariachi and have them play there.  Be careful having it outside since they put on a performance every night (it is on the stage next to the disco).


                    I have been in contact with Mina as well.  I sent an email to Nelly, not knowing that Mina had taken over.  I re-reserved all the places that I had booked with Nelly so I really hope it all works out!!  I love the fact that the package now included 60 people instead of 40, since we are having way more than that!


                    I got a great idea from another bride who had her wedding there...Go to Costco or Wal-Mart across the street and buy flowers and decorations from there!  I am a planner too so I am going to be bringing some items but I think we could easily find vases or candles there. 


                    I have also found some great sites for welcome bags, fans and tulle!


                    Thanks!  I am glad this thread picked back up with more people!  

                    #10 IdOinCABO

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                      Posted 03 February 2011 - 10:42 AM

                      Ok so the Weather was amazing! Like the best you could imagine (probably 85 or so during the day always sunny/blue sky) and not a ton of people.  It was a little cool in the evening but that is more towards 9pm. Most everyone was fine but after being in the sun all day I don’t know I was just a little cool.  The chairs for the wedding come with a white cover thing over them (like a dress) if you know what I mean and they have 3 colors of bows you can choose from (purple/gold/silver) or you can rent them there or bring your own. You can also rent a white chair that looks nice where you would not need the cover bit but kind of spendy at 10 a chair. Im sure they would allow candles. If you brought them with no problem. I didn’t see a costco there… at all… not in Cabo. I think the costco is in San jose which is a 15-30 min drive and if you have a car then you would be fine… and im pretty sure anything you had booked with Nelly will just carry over.


                      Have you been there before? It sounds like you have a good budget. The mariachi is a nice touch!


                      Is there any way for you to have dinner in the disco? That might be nice to have the reception and dinner all in one place. I agree on the waste of money for the apps and what not.


                      It always kinds of gets me on having to pay more especially if the guests are staying there! ITS INCLUDED HENCE THE ALL INCLUSIVE!

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