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  1. Hey everyone!! Just wondering if there is anyone on here who's gotten married at this resort recently...there are no current reviews so I was just wondering how the experience was? Also- does anyone know about the semi-private receptions?? Do you still get a head table?? Thanks Danielle~*
  2. Ya I was thinking the same thing...not many people are using this thread at all Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!! June is going to come sooooo fast ) DO you have everything booked yet?
  3. Does anyone know of any good seafood places....I've heard there are a few that are excellent and resonably priced but no one seems to know the name lol
  4. I am getting married at the Santa Fe in November of 2011....I've never been but know lots of people who have and love the resort- SO EXCITED!!! Any info I receive I will post on here for everyones reference. Thanks everyone & congrats
  5. This thread is awesome!! thanks for all the info! Does anyone know where to go for a bachlor party in Cabo....we'd like to do the stag and stagette there! Thanks!!
  6. Hi! Thanks for the tips....I appreciate all the information:) I have not reserved anything yet lol...what is your date?? I am not surprised to hear about the english patio- it seems they want to charge an arm and a leg for any kind of private reception. Do you know if the 5$ extra for the cake and the extra for the champagne are the only charges for additional guests after you hit 40+ people? Thanks again for your help and congrats!!
  7. Elisamarie- yes I do believe it depends on the travel company. I tired to get quotes from several travel agents and some were able to provide them while others said it was to early. With the quotes I did manage to get the TA told me that the flight dates are subject to change so I think we are going to wait till November and then have them re-quote so we can ensure the dates dont change. I hate waiting lol!! Let me know how your other quotes compare to the Riu's
  8. hahah I totally agree..being patient when trying to plan something is soooo frustrating!! When you say the Riu's arent booking yet what did you mean exactly? I was able to book my wedding and get a few quotes from the travel agents but we've put things on hold because since its so far in advance the quotes are higher then if we waited a bit. I can't wait to have everything booked so I can relax ahhhhhh!
  9. Hi Ladies!! Â Nov 2011 ...I'm thinking of the Riu Santa Fe in Cabo San Lucas! No official plans yet though...it's so confusing lol! So glad I found this forum!! Anyone have any tips? Â
  10. Hi everyone!! Â I am getting married at the Riu santa Fe in November of 2011 and I'm looking for any feedback and info on the resort and private reception options. The emails from the WC are very vague lol. Â Thanks so much!!
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